Third party agent commission

Dear Experts, Greetings. I have a scinario whereby we do give commission to our third party agents.We want to built system such a way that while genrating sales order itself we will be able to enter some amount manually through pricing condition or a

Agent Commission in SD

Guru's We have the following scenarios in sd, how to handle them, can it be done through rebates or any other way. 1. Agent Commission - customer will have multiple agents and order can have multiple agents. How to work on the commission settlement i

Agent commission process configuration

Dear All, I am trying to configure Agent commission process. Based on the information available on various threads and links provided in the threads, i ahve completed configuration of below steps. 1. i have configured new partner function ZA (commiss

Export Sales- Agent Commission in 2 different ways

Hi I have a business Scenario where the Agent is involved in Export sales and the commission is paid to him in two different cases. Case 1: We will supply the goods to the Export customer on behalf of Agent and Customer pays Us directly and then we w


Hi Gurus, As a SD guy i would like to learn MM also. One thing is that i think i don't need to know the whole stuff in MM. Could anyone guide me in this way? Thanks in advanceMM-T-Code Test Description: Maintenance of Masters                    Test

Searching Condition Types

Hello Gurus I needed your help with the following query: There is a requirement  to change the agent commission condition type from being Statistical.  I checked one Pricing procedure with this condition type randomly.  I realistic that there is a ch

Commmission to Sales Employee or Commission agent

Dear all, if i have to given commission to sales employee or comission agent then how is it possible. Also if HR is not implemented then how Sales Employee will created. Plz send some solution for the same. Thx & Regards, PMPLS REFER LINK BELOW <a

Commission Agent Address and Bank details

Hi, I know only the conduction group (VBRP-KDKG1)( value using this how we will find the address and bank details of commission Agent Regards NausalDear Nausal, Check whether VBRP-KDKG1 = KNA1-KDKG1. then get KNA1-ADRNR field. from ADRC table u will

Manage commission from agent

Hi all, I have a problem. Please see the following scenario: - The agent (A) ships goods to customers (B), but A can not issue service invoice to B. - A delegates another company (C) to issue invoice to B. - C will issue invoice to B and receive comm

Report for Commission agent

When a customer is sold through a commissioning agent , that commissioning agent has been created as a vendor and assigned to customer master  as a partner function (configured partner function), which can inturn be changed at the sales order level.

Commission  Agent Payment

Dear All, I have a scenario in which client wants to pay commission on sales. In this case commission will be paid on the basis of sale made and amount of commission from return will be deducted. For this I give the solution to create new condition t

Broker Commission for Export

Hello: We have a need to pay commission to export broker based on value of sales order. Is it possible to create a shipment cost document where I accrue freight for a carrier and also accrue commission for an export broker based on sales order value?

Functionalities In Incentives and commission Management

Hi Folks Can Any body share the detailed information on Incetives and Commission Management,What are functionalities are involved and related Tcodes. I shall be very greatfull if you can help me in this reagrd. Thanks & Regards VikramHi Vikram, Incen

Incentive & Commission Management architecture doubts

Hi. I'm trying to implement Incentive & Commission Management from the technical perspective, and i'm looking for documentation and technical guides. Right now I'm a bit lost, ERP source (abap) configuration is almost done by the consultant but I got

Create commisson agent partner function

Hi, I have ascenario where in we need to have a commisson agent partner function in the sales order. The agent shall be paid a fixed quantity per UOM of the finished product. This necessarily should be copied to the delivery and billing documents. Th

Sales commission handling

I would like to know in general, how to handling the sales commission. For example, the salesman will get 5% commission for sales order A. In financial side, how to capture those commission expense. Is it add this commission in the invoice condition

Forwarding agent product quota allocation

Hi, Client allocates the quantity to Forwarding agent (forwarding agent quota) on every day. Based on allocation, shipment document is created. How can I achieve this in SAP? Where we can set the quantity against the forwarding agent? Should I need t

How to handle Third party management WRT to  Lease out in SAP - REFX

Dear Friends, I would like to have an advice on Third party management of a property WRT to (SAP REFX) Lease out. Example: Under a company code – 1000, I have some 8000 number of properties which is my own and I am doing Lease out with the same. Out

Sales agent assignment incomplete error i showing

hi.. while creating advertising order in status tab "sales agen assgn incomplete" is checked. Actually i didnt enter any sales agen in order entry tab. though  i dont want create ad order without sales agent i am getting the error sales agen ass

Commision Agent

please suggest me how to customise/configure commision agent in SAP.The two suitable options are to map them as contact person or Forwarding Agent. You can also create them as customers and create customer heirarchy. Craete Rebate agreement with thes