What is the shortcut key to highlight words in adobe reader in macbook pro

what is the shortcut key to highlight words in adobe reader in macbook pro? Shift + U is not working how can i change shortcut key?I don't believe there is a keyboard shortcut available for that feature. But I believe if you click-select the topmost

Adobe Reader for Mac OS X

I can't seem to be able to properly download and open adobe reader for Mac OS XTry downloading the installer from other 3 answers

Adobe Reader for Mac messes up my mouse driver

After installing the latest version of Adobe Reader for Mac on Tiger 10.4, viewing any .pdf file has the effect of changing many of my single mouse clicks into double mouse clicks until reboot.  It begins when I click on the page-down sidebar and the

Downloaded adobe reader for mac, but can't open pdf from websites

I just downloaded the Adobe reader for Mac, but can't open any pdf from websites.  I've already deleted the previous version off of my computer.  I even intstalled Adobe Air Reader as well, but nothing is working.  Please help!  =(In case you have Sa

There was a RAISE without a handler. - Adobe Reader 9 Mac PPC 10.4.11

Hi, just recently everyone has been getting this error at my place of work. After searching around this seems to be a pretty rare problem with not many solutions. Everyone is running Adobe Reader 9 and is accessing these files from a share on a serve

Hp officejet 8600 can't print two sided from adobe reader in Mac 10.8.4

HP officejet 8600 Mac notebook osx 10.8.4 Can't print 2 sided from pdf in adobe reader. Print command from file dropdown doesn't open Print expanded dialog box at bottom of pdf in adobe doesn't show a 2 sided option Thanks vsoHi, Please follow the st

How to solve the problem of adob reader on mac 10.8.2?

I have installed adob reader on my mac 10.8.2 When I want to open a pdf, it gives an error that it can not open the pdf! can you help me to solve thid probelm? or suggest me anyother software? Thanks FahimehGiven your problem statement: inopportune a

Duplex Printing Problem in Adobe Reader X (Mac)

My normal printer setting is for duplex printing. However, Adobe Reader X will only print on one side of the paper.. This is on a MacPro under Mac OSX 10.6.6 and Adobe Reader X Version 10.0.1 printing to a Canon IP4500 inkjet printer. Other applicati

Can't open Adobe Reader for Mac

Hello there! I have installed Adobe Reader but I can't open the program. I have a mackbook pro with OS X version 10.8.3Without further data, I would suggestg opening the program by itself and accepting the EULA.Read other 2 answers

Adobe reader for mac cannot read pdf

I have the latest version of Adobe Reader, the latest OS for Mac, and the latest Safari browser update.  but after installing Reader, the ability to access a PDF has become mostly restricted. the full gray screen comes up and a document cannot be acc

Can the newer logic boards still read the mac pro 1.1 2.66ghz duo core proc

i just bought a G5 and i am looking to upgrade it. I just bought the 2.66 ghz processors, and I am looking to buy a new logic board and was wondering if i bought a 2009 logic board would it still be compatible with the 2006 processors?Unlike PCs (tha

Adobe Reader XI/Mac OS 10.7.5

I can not install Adobe ReaderXI on my Mac OS 10.7.5 , with Safari browser The file seems to download successfully  but when I click on "Install Adobe Reader" I get a message "connection failed". I have repeated the process at differen

Adobe Reader for Mac vs. Adobe Reader for iPad

Hi, I have a problem with Adobe Reader for iPad. The pdf-file works perfect with Acrobat Reader on my iMac. The pdf-file has an option to change a number of parameters in counting the total cost for owning a car. Obviously, there is some interactivit

Can' t print a pdf/a file in adobe reader for mac

Can' t print a pdf/a file in adobe reader for macYou should try looking at this document: other 2 answers

Updating Adobe Reader within Mac OS10.9.1

I am having difficulty in updating to the latest 11. The installer keeps on crashing before installing the update. Thank you for your help This is the following error message, I have switched off all virus protection and tried also switching off my f

Cant sign in Adobe reader for Mac

Says hold and drag mouse but wont allow me to sign docs anymore.  It used to work.  Anyone else having trouble or suggestions?Hello, Please refer - ~DeepakRead o

Updating Adobe Reader on Mac Book Air

I have downloaded the update file several times but I am unable to install it. Install button does not appear.Nothing to do with any of that. Only the install logs can reveal what is going on. Troubleshoot with install logs | CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC Myle

Adobe Reader 9 (Intel Mac) が立ち上がらない

Adobe Reader 9をMacBookにインストールしたのですが.立ち上げようとすると「内部エラー」と出てしまい立ち上がりません.解決方法をご存じの方.いらっしゃいませんか?当方はMACユーザでもないのでコメントする立場でもないのですが.なんだか流れていきそうなので. > Intel Mac > MacBook Macユーザには.これでOSの詳細とかが分かりますか? > Adobe Reader 9をMacBookにインストールしたのですが. Mac OSの細かいバージョンによって

A very long time to 'Activate' a 3Dpdf in Adobe Reader

We are creating files in 3D Reviewer then converting to 3D pdf for distributing them. There is a lot of CAD data, but conversion to .prw is fairly quick; conversion to pdf is also reasonably quick. The problem comes when Activating the pdf in Adobe R

Why does Adobe reader on iPad lock unlocked pdf files on move from computer

I Have copied several pdf files, which I have made, from my laptop to my iPad. On my laptop they are unlocked and I can Add text etc. On the iPad they become locked and I cannot do this. Why? How do I stop this so that's can have u locked pdf files o