Additional Field in G/L

FI Experts, I need to create or find a field that we can use to do some verification with some of our G/L accounts. Is there a way that I can create a custom field where I can do a drop down menu to put 2 values? or is there a reference field I can w

Initial download - update additional fields/execute additional funct.

Hi All, We are in the process of uploading data from SAP system to CRM system as a initial download (Transaction code R3CS). Customer has a unique requirement of updating  additional fields (configurable fields) from ISU to CRM which are not covered

Creation of additional fields in Infoset SQ02

Hi Experts, I'm a FICO consultant trying to create a query. Requirement : Link RSEG Table to BKPF Table in the join condition Link: RSEG-BELNR concatenated with RSEG-GJAHR = BKPF-XBLNR Now I'm trying to create an additional field in SQ02 named MiroYe

Placement of additional fields while enhancing OM infotype

Hi All,     As per our client requirement we need to create two additional fields in IT1051. We have tried creating the same but the fields we need are to be at the center of the screen as per the client requirement as shown in image1 but its coming

Additional field required in CIN  master data

Dear All, In Vendor Master CIN details - Service Tax Registration Number field exist. we require one additional field for catogary of service of vendor for capturing thro' category.Please let us know how to provide one additional field to capture ven

Additional fields in MB51

Hi Experts. In MB51 report, an additional field has been added by the functional consultant. I have also enhance the report and am using this field. However, after transporting it to production server, MB51 is giving a dump stating that the field doe

Data Modelling Problem with many additional Fields

Dear All I am extracting transactional data from a CRM system where a number of  Customer Fields have been added. There are some 150 additional fields which are all included in a User Append structure and are all related to the transaction ( not mast

Adding additional fields to an Infoset Query

Hi Experts, I have added a couple of additional fields to an infoset query using SQ02. I have also written code for filling in the fields. I have also added them to some Field Groups. Despite this, when I run the query, they are not being displayed i

CAT2 Time sheet additional field length

Hi All I have added  additional fields in include CI_CATSDB in that fields one fields is reference field in that I have taken field length 60 Char but in the input it is taking length only 35 Char. So if any one has come across this issue please help

Additional field added in Infoset unable to use as a selectable field

I added 2 fields as additional fields to the Organizational Assignment infotype in a PNP Infoset that I created via SQ02.  When I select the infoset to build a query via adhoc query the fields are listed in the Org Assignment infotype and available f

Additional fields in SAP Query

Hi , We have a requirement in HR reporting wherein we are providing the late attendance records of the employees. That is the person is scheduled to come at a respective time but he comes in late and this record is created in attendence infotype . No

Additional fields to fbl1n, fbl5n, fbl3n

Dear all Can you please explain step by step how to add additional fileds to the above reports. Many thanks PThere are certain field which you can populate by following standard config For FBL1N report - IMG-FIn accounting>Ar & AP>Vendor account

WorkManager 6 - Additional fields do not get deleted

Hi, I have an issue with WorkManager 6.0 Enhancement. I have added custom fields to the Workorder object. To do this, I have created a ZWORKORDER class that handles these fields with its setter and getter methods and have as well created ZBAPI and ZS

Additional Fields for ESS-Business Card Not Working for Certain Countries

Dear Experts, We were trying to configure the additional fields to be displayed in Business Card - Overview Screen for all countries. We don't have problem configure and get the new fields display for Malaysia (Molga = 14) but having problem for the

SAP Query - Additional field that collects information from table RESB

Hello gurus. I have a question. I want to create a SAP Query that shows me the stock level of a list of materials, and also show me the total quantity of order reservations in an additional field. I created an InfoSet with table MARD, which is the on

ADF to BPEL - Adding additional field for the web service call

I have an existing ADF project that invokes a BPEL process. Recently I added 2 new fields to the bpel process and I want to populate this additional fields from the ADF when calling the bpel process. What is the best way to do this ? I dont see a way

Adhoc query -sq02- Additional fields

HI experts I am working additional fields in SQ02 . I added a additional field for an infotype in SQ02  .Issue when I go to Tcode PQAH and run the query .I Could not able to see the selections check box for my additional fields which is useful to sel

Additional fields in BAPI "BAPI_0050_CREATE"

HI, I need to add additional fields in BAPI "BAPI_0050_CREATE". Basically 4 new fields has to be added. In BAPi its gievn make use of extension_in but values are not coming . So plz give any input.TRY This way FORM APPLY_BAPI .   DATA : IND TYPE

OBC4 - Adding additional fields

Hello, We have received a request to allow users to post a customer # and material # when making a journal entry for specific accounts.  Our first thought was to evaluate whether or not the field status group could be adjusted in OBC4 to make these f

Additional field in FB03 and FBV0

I want one additional field in the layout i.e. document amount, which is not available at present.  How to do.Hi You need to find additonal field details from functional consultant & ABAP'er. After that you need to create Z message type with that add