ME22N : Change PO Line item to Display Mode, After All quantity has GRN

Hi Experts, In ME22N,  PO change mode if the line item has checked with 'Delivery Completed' Indicator in 'Delivery' tab I want to shows that row always in 'Display' mode. Please help me to modify that table control within the exit. I'm using, Enhanc


Dear Experts, I had make a copy of SAPScript form-QM_QCERT_01 in to ZQM_QCERT_01 and does some changes, the changes/enhamncements are working fine but i want to add a new window of footer for which it is not allowing since all its attributes are in d

How to make the Business Area field from Change Mod to Display Mode in AS02

Hi Gurus, I created a Customized T-code   YAS02   for making the Business Area in Display mode with the help of SHD0. But my client wants to do the same in standard T-code of AS02 and they don't like to use the customized T-code. Kindly advise to mak

Change settings for external displays: no "mirror displays" mode

Hello, I'm using a 13" MBP with Snow Leopard. I'm using different displays and projectors in different locations. When you plug an external display in, the two displays are first in "mirror displays" mode. First thing I do is to switch this

Depriciation key and useful life periods in asset master should in display mode only

Hi all At the time of creation asset master AS01 we are given the Asset class, company code and similar of asset (1) then we click enter button we will get Create asset: master data screen here in general tab we enter the description and in time depe

Display Mode - Module Pool

Hi Friends, Need help in Module Pool, when button click want to display screen in Display Mode only.....Hi Sharavan, I hope you want to achieve the Toggle Display Functionality. To achieve this you have perform this following steps: 1. Define the nam

Select-option or parameter with display mode

hai experts, i need to give select-option or parameter with display mode in selection-screen. my requirement is....... to give last print out time in selection screen with display mode mean user cant able to change the time...... reward avail for hop

Call Transaction "MIGO" in display mode only

Hi friends, I have changed the standard the SAP standard program MB51 to a Customer Program 'ZMB51' based upon the user requirement.Iam able to get all the values (output) Now my requirement is .... iam trying to call transaction "MIGO" when the

Display mode; workbench user and configuration user are not identical

Hi Friends, I am doing changes in WEB UI view. When I am clicking on EDIT button to change the configuration. I am getting the given below error. Display mode; workbench user and configuration user are not identical System is also not giving popup to

Texts in vendor display mode

hi experts, i want to confirm that in xk03 one can change the text(i.e. there in services for object). in display mode one should not be able to change it. plz revert back with ur views. regards, HiteshHi, Check with your Basis Consultant for display

Transformation Change / Display Error

I have an inactive transformation that I am trying to display or change. The transformation is to load a PC file into a cube. The system returns this error message when I try to display / change: "The object name is not allowed to be empty, Message n

All fields should be in Display mode except Plant field in Va02 and VA32

Respected Guru's, I want all the fields in VA02 and VA32( Change t-codes)  to be in display mode, further user should be able to change the Plant value alone in sales tab. Is it possible to restrict it with the help of Authorization or does it requir

How to go to display mode from VA05? Thanks.

I have a question on VA05. There is order list and it go to change mode when you  double click on certain entry. But most of time we just want to view the order. How to direct it to display mode from here? Thanks.Hi , I think thats the std functional

Output types are not getting displayed in Outbound Delivery in Display mode

Hello, The actual requirement is that output types should get attched to the outbound delivery when we do GI(Good Issue) on the outbound delivery. So, I have created an outbound delivery and did GI on it through IDoc. But, I can not see output types

Se54 view cluster (display mode)

Hello, I created a view cluster and call it within sm34 transaction. So, some users need to change that view cluster and some do not need to edit. But even if I press display button in sm34 I can see Display -> Change icon, How can I make this button

Gnome battery icon and 'Could not change DPMS mode'

Hello, I run my Arch with latest Gnome (3.2.1) and lately, my battery icon disappeared. Then, after some reboot it showed again (without changes to configuration, packages etc), and now its gone again, for good it seems. My .xsession-errors output is

Vendor field needs to be made in display mode in MIRO

Hi, The PO was created for Vendor 'A', whereas invoice was wrongly posted to Vendor 'B'. Before noticing it, the vendor has been paid. Now the user wants to reverse the same and redo it to correct vendor. How we can restrict manual change of vendor d

MIGO Posting Date - Authorisation to Change/Display for Certain User ID

Dear all There is this business requirement 1. Warehouse users should not change the Posting Date of the GR refer PO. It is to avoid user from delaying their work to enter into SAP system the next day although they have received the goods today. As s

CRM_CUSTOMER_H_MAINTAIN_OW not saving data on Change - Display

Hi All, I am using the win interaction centre in CRM 5.0. I have added a new tab and new fields to the tab that are stored in the CRMD_CUSTOMER_H table. When I save (click the Save button) the activity I call CRM_CUSTOMER_H_MAINTAIN_OW FM to save teh

Copa Report selection screen in display mode

Dear Friends: In COPA Report, we have sales group,Fiscal year and Currency type in our selection screen,sales group should be in display mode i.e. the user must not be able to change the sales group. How to reslove the problem.Please advise. Thanks&R