Nokia n95 OTA update?

Hi Guys, This my first post on this forum. So pl forgive me if this has already been posted elsewhere (i did look around before though) Anyway, my query is: Can the nokia N95 be updated (firmware) OTA (either WIFI or 3G?)and how??? Thanks loads folks

Constant rebooting after last night's OTA update

I have a Droid RAZR HD and did an OTA update last night upon receiving the notification on screen. This updated the system version to 9.18.79.XT926. It updated successfully according to the on-screen notice. However, the phone immediately began reboo

We are trying to package our iTunes Windows and we can't stop the auto update feature.  How can we do this?

We have consultants here packaging many of our Apps for deployment with Windows 7.  We cannot find a way to turn off the auto update feature within iTunes for Windows.  Has someone been successful in packaging iTunes for Windows and NOT do the auto u

Blackberry Z10 Limited Edition bricked while doing OTA update

Hi Guys, I need your help to restore my Z10 LE. It is bricked while doing OTA update. Currently, it stuck in installing process. After doing restart, it will install the updates and when reaching 100%, it stuck there. I've tried to reinstall using we

OTA Update failed for Lenovo S856

I opted to install the OTA Update which is shown to be available. After downlaoding about 75MB of data, the phone gets restarted, the Android OS Upgrading screen comes, and then an error message apears. I only have the option to restart the device. O

OTA Update for Thunderbolt

I've read posts here and talked to techs saying that the OTA update is supposed to be today and well it's today so is it delayed? Just wondering I've checked a few times and it says no new software available. Anyone have an idea of when?Tboltaz wrote

IOS 8.0.2 OTA update stuck in recovery mode

After OTA update 8.0.2 reboot, my iPhone 5 get stuck in recovery mode. Recboot can not fix normal mode, nor tinyumbrella. All iOS data recovery software asks me to enter passcode, or that iPhone is not in normal mode. I need to recover images and vid

OTA update for A10-70 failed "no command"

I just updated using the OTA update available for my A10-70 and when it rebooted, it says "No command" .  I can get to the recovery, and I tried doing a factory reset on it, but the tablet still won't boot.  Any ideas?  Is there a factory image

IPad 2 died during 5.0.1 OTA update. Any ideas?

I wanted to update to 5.0.1 OTA and after it was half done the screen went black and I couldn't turn it on anymore. Connected to iTunes, I only have the option to restore the iPad but then I get the error message "The iPad could not be restored. An u

IOS OTA update failed, now iPad wants to restore, but that fails too

After successfully doing the iOS 5.0.1 update on my iPhone via OTA, I started the process with my iPad2. After a while it appeared to have stalled, but I had to go out, so I left it, assuming it would be done when I got back. As it turns out, when I

Lenovo just put an OTA update to Honeycomb 3.2 for the K-1

I just received an over the air update to Honeycomb 3.2 a half hour ago. No warning was givin, it just spontaneously appeared on my screen while web surfing :-) Oddly, it claimed that it was an update to fix a 'serious' flaw on the K-1....and to my s

Yoga 10 HD+ OTA Update Failed (140507)

Via System Update yesterday, I attempted to update my tablet but it failed during installation.  Has anyone else had the update fail? Anyone apply it successfully? Any word on what the update does?This release updates some framework around Play servi

Have you received the official 2.2 OTA update? When, where and what version.

Since I have seen several posts where Verizon techs have said the update continues to be pushed out, have you received the official (not downloaded) OTA 2.2 update since August 5, 2010? If you could, please include: (1) the date and time your receive

N96 V20 Update: Connection Lost during OTA update ...

Ok, I decided to update my N96 thru OTA this time. I chose "Check for New Updates" from the phone's menu but while checking if there was a new update, the phone told me "the connection was lost!" with the WLAN modem. I am now little co

OTA update iOS

I would like to ask does the iPhone auto-download OTA iOS updates? If it does, is there a way to disable it?its only updated manually. you dont have to worry about it downloading/installing automatically.Read other 2 answers

MotoX OTA update fixes, when's it coming to VERIZON???

Camera – Improved Photo Quality Improved capture of natural light  (auto-white balance) and color accuracy for more precise exposure in  outdoor and backlit scenes Camera – Improved Focus Faster touch to focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing

Trying to update features and receive a message

Message received and I can't continue. What does this mean? We've detected that SFO1Name should be removed from your line of service.   This is unrelated to your requested feature changes.When trying to change  my data plan, I received this message.

Recently installed a new hard drive and i am now unable to use the Software Update Feature?

Error message:   The Software Update Server ( is not responding? it then goes on to say check network connectivity but everything appears to be fine both normal and wireless. And also programs such as itunes or iphoto will say that there

OTA Update Not Querying Custom Update URL

I built Firefox 2.0 for the Nexus 4 and it does not check for updates using my custom update URL. The phone just sits on "Checking for updates..." My webserver logs also show there is no request for update.xml. Is this functionality missing? Can

How does a publisher provide updates for  books to use the ibooks 3 update feature?

Are updates provided only by publishing through the iBookstore, or will iBooks 3 pick  up changes from books purchased elsewhere?Have you tried updating them through iTunes on your computer, or, updating the books in iBooks on your computer (if using