SAP Error - VOID_RESULT under construction Bonus date will be ignored!

Hi, When i try to run payroll for Australia, i had this error. Does anyone know what's the correction for this error? Many Thanks.Hello The payroll results have not been deleted, they have been voided.  The payroll results still exist but they are fl

Delphi Programming and SAP - errors

Hi Sig, I need your help... My problems are : 1. Do you know how to get Customer data from SAP ?    Because when I tried to get the data, the error shows 'DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED'. 2. How to get data in a certain fields ?    I don't know the function an

Delivery Notes - No VAT Group (SAP Error Code -10)

Hi I already created delivery notes before, but today an error occured "VAT-Group Missing..." Do I have to set the VATGroup property manually in the Document Line? If I do with a fixed value, it works again.. But where do I get the right VAT Gro

SAP Error

Dear All, Please help below error message, "linking primary sales accounts has not been completed" I got this error message when open AR Invoice, Credit Memo Module. Thanks in your help.Hello William...there are several areas you need to check..

SAP workflow -SAP error WL210 -Error triggering default method for object &

Hi Experts, User is encountered with the error message "Error triggering default method for object &" when he is performing approval action in SES workitem . Could you please advise me how to avoid this issue. Thanks in advance for your valu


Hi All, I'm try implemented GRC and get this error (SXMB_MONI): <SAP:Code area="RCVR_DETERMINATION">NO_RECEIVER_CASE_BE</SAP:Code> <SAP:P1 /> <SAP:P2 /> <SAP:P3 /> <SAP:P4 /> <SAP:AdditionalText />   <

File failing with ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_BROKEN error in SAP PI

Hi Expert, We have file to proxy senario in our production environment where, while sending the file from PI to ECC syestem via proxy, it fails below with error in call adapter step. Have tried with many options mentioned in site like 1.

How to catch SAP application errors in BPM.

Hi, I have a IDOC to Soap Sync Scenario where I send the message to a Webservice. I have used a BPM since we need to catch the resposne of this message and map it to a RFC. For ex if I get a success resposne I need to map success if not than I need t

SET_PAYLOAD_FAILED error in SOAP to Proxy scenario

Hi PI Experts, We have an inbound syncronus interface (Non sap system to SAP) using the SOAP to Proxy scenario. When we test the interface using any soap tool like soapui it is working fine but when the interface is triggered end to end from source s

SOAP processing failure, error id = 1001

Hi, I am trying to implement the yahoo widgets usingthe following blog: BI Data Widget - Weblog Series & Pre-requisites I am stuck at STEP 14. I am getting the error : "An error has occurred. Maybe the request is not accepted by the server: SOAP

RFC to BPM and backward. error SYNCHONOUS_MESSAGE

Hi everybody! Help me pls! I am learning BPM and want to make easy synchronous example. RFC sends the request to BPM and recieves the response. My RFC is named Z_TEST_CALL_WEBSERVICE. I have created: in Design mi_rfc_request - abstract asynch interfa

Error with ABAP proxy

Hi all, I have an ABAP proxy - XI - Webservice scenario, in the XI side we are getting error saying input data not coming in. How to check weather proxy is triggering the actual payload or data? There has been a change in the WSDL from the Webservice

Error in File to RFC scenario: ATTRIBUTE_WRONG_INTF

Hello, My scenario is going from File to RFC which is simply writing to an SAP table. My mapping seems OK and tests OK but in SXMB_MONI I get red flag and error below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"

Errors about 'No receiver could be determined'

Hi all: I am setting up one scenario about ' IDOC to file '. When I send IDOC from one R3 system to XI , I meet with the following errors. No receiver could be determined The SOAP Error is   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" stan

IDOC error "receiver determination" while sending from R3 to XI

Hi all, I'm trying to send an IDOC from R3 to BW thro' XI. I created 2 business system for R3 & BW. I created communication channel for receiving BW with IDOC adapter. I created the receiver determination, interface determination & receiver agreem

CLIENT_CREATE_FAILED error in the Call Adapter pipeline

Hi, all.   i think i've almost done the configuration of XI 3.0(CI + 2 DIs).   SXI_CACHE, SLDCHECK, import of IR, ID objects ...etc. are O.K.   But when i really run some scenarios of,   File Adapter --> XI --> ABAP Proxy or   ABAP Proxy --> XI -

XIServer error raised: 503 Service Unavailable with SOAP Adapter

Hi, We are getting a very strange error from a process that is working fine in 2 other environments. We are sending a message into the SOAP receiver adapter and are getting the following error at the Call Adapter part of the process : <?xml version=&qu

Error in File 2 File in PI 7.1

Hi all,              This is the error i got in smq2(inbound queue)...Apart from cache refresh problem does this signify any other error...Am not getting the output file... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes&q

System Error!!

Hi Everybody I am implementing JDBC ->SOAP->FILE(XML) scenario using BPM where the the values from the database are posted to the webservice and the webservice sends a response to the XML File , I am done  completely with design and configuration bu

How to manage French Medical Details through SAP.

Hi Seniors, Can any body please guide me about managing FRENCH Regulation-Medical dates. Is there any specific infotype for this or it has to be maintained through 0041 date specifications,can any body plese guide me how to configure the same. Your h