Join switch ports together

cisco 2651XM router IOS: c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T9.bin NM-16-ESW switch fitted regarding the switch ports (F1/0 to F1/15): is there a command that will join two or more switch ports together and make them act as plain hub ports?thanks for yo

Find IP address/machine connected to a cisco switch port

hello, I need to know which IP/device is connecetd to a cisco Switch port. I can get the mac-address of that switch port using sh mac-add command, but with the mac address how can i find that which ip belongs to this mac. is there way i can do this,

Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan throws Failed while applying switch port settings 'Ethernet Switch Port VLAN Settings' error

Hi, I'm following this guide I'm getting an error when running the below command: Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -vmname PurpleVM1 -Isolated -PrimaryVlanId 2 –SecondaryVlanId 4 Generates the following error: Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan : The operation failed.

How to search/Scan Vlan of cisco switch ports

Can any one tell me how i can scan/search vlans of cisco switch port through any monitoring tool (orion/solarwinds). Consider this scenario as i have no access to switch and i want to know below things: 1-Vlans created on switch? 2-which switch port

LMS 4.2 - How do I find switch ports that are configured as trunks.

I've been tasked with finding all switch ports that are configured as Trunks. We plan to use LMS 4.2 to push (via Netconfig) new interface level commands to all user (non-trunked) ports. From my experience, this poses a problem because we do not know

ESX/VMWare Switch Port Configuration

Does anyone know how to configure a 3560 switch port that is connecting to an ESX host with multiple VM's??Hi Jason, Most of the time people will configure the port as a trunk to the ESX host.  So on the 3560 you can just do: switchport trunk encap d

802.1X Authentication issues when moving between switch ports

Hi Guys, We are having some issues at our office where when users move from one switch to another, the 802.1X authentication does not want to take place. The PC just gets an APIPA address. Now I have read about features that MAC Move and MAC replace

Switch ports did an up/down sequence after being placed in etherchannel with no cables connected, wierd.

Hi Everyone I created an etherchannel on two ports (2960 switch) and placed them into an etherchannel.  Did the same on the other switch Cisco 3020 blade chassis switch.  Without connecting any cables the 2960 had done an up/down sequence as though a

3750-X Dot1x for wired switch ports with ISE 1.2 doing eap-tls

Hi, I currently have an authentication and authorization policy in ISE to allow machines that authenticate successfully with machine certificates to have full access.  If they fail, then they are denied.  And this works correctly.  However, the custo

Peer-Switch with vPC and non-vPC Vlan Port-Channels

Hi,                  in a design guide i have noticed that it is best practice to split vPC and non-vPC vlans on different inter-switch port-channels. Now, if i want to use the Peer-Switch function, but the port-channel interface of the non-vPC-vlan

ESW 540 24 port switch

Hello I need to configure a port for a server on the Voice Vlan, however when I do so i get an error and the status is unknonwn and the port isn't working properly how do i appropiately configure a port on this switch to be on the voice vlan thanksHi

How an Ethernet switch creates a collision domain on each port?

Hi ,  How an  Ethernet switch creates a collision domain on each port? Thanks Disclaimer The Author of this posting offers the information contained within this posting without consideration and with the reader's understanding that there's no implied

Cannot ping or telnet to new 2948G switch

I just installed a new 2948G switch and assigned the me1 interface an IP address... it's working fine (except for a small blip yesterday due to a duplicate IP address - oops) I cannot ping the switch's IP address, nor can I telnet to it from the same

Which KVM switch is the best for Mac Mini

Base on individual experience, which KVM switch is the best for Mac MiniHot-Key mode MacMini and IO Gear KVM Switch MiniView Micro USB Plus Fusionwolf, can you help me? I want to use my TFT monitor (HPvs19 ) with a MacMini and a Casablanca KRON PC. T

Cisco LMS 3.2.1 Causing Switch CPU Spike

Hi, We have LMS 3.2.1 cauing CPU Spike on all the LAN switches. I treid to apply the commands as per the below URL but still the issue is same. I had attached Show version, Show stacks and Show process cpu sorted output. sh version Cisco IOS Software

Switchport trunk encapsulation on L3 switches

                Why is 'switchport trunk encapsulation <dot1q or isl> required on L3 switches?  The default trunk encapsuation mode on 'modern' Cisco switches is to 'auto' negotiate, so why doesn't 'auto-negotiate' work when configured from the L3 s

Catalyst 2960G optical port autonegotiation

Hello, I started to work with catalyst 2960G and I'm observing strange issue that 1000BASE-X autonegotiation is turned on at the port, partner has autonegotiation turned off, and link is still up. I have played a bit with show controllers ethernet-co


Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me if the ip accounting is support in the 3750 switch. Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image                  *    1 26    WS-C3750-24P       12.2(55)SE9           C3750-IPBASEK9-M  The switch acce

Migration of users in different vlans of 3750 Switches

I have 30 switches of access (3750). I require To migrate 1200 users connected to this switches of vlan 1 ( /22) to vlan 2 ( /22). They changed in server DHCP the rank /22 to /22. ¿In this case the only sol

Rate Shaping/Traffic Shaping 3750x Switch Internet Access Circuits

Hello, I have 3750x running c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-55.SE5 layer 3 capable. I have two internet access circuits on the switch both 100Mbps however there subrated down to 14Mbps by the ISP. Id like to rate shape out bound traffic toward the ISP so w