Cpu upgrade question on 6330 lite mobo

hello everyone ! got a newbie upgrading question here, was wondering if anyone had advice, suggestions to help me out here .... I have a duron 800mhz cpu on a 6330-lite motherboard with award bios version 2.1 installed.  my question : I want to upgra

Msi Kt7 Pro2-a Kt133 highest cpu support???

Yes I was wondering I have The MSI KT7 Pro2-A mobo Well my 4 year old duron 750 finally gave out cause it was chipped too much.:( I was wondering how high of a cpu with my motherboard take?? Another thing about this board. Why is it that I can never

MS-6330 Lite K7T Pro2 Ver:1 with GeForce FX 5200, does it works?!

Hello... I have one MS-6330 Lite K7T Pro2 Ver:1 and it Support AGP 2.0 1x/2x/4x, and I want to buy a GeForce FX 5200 that works for AGP 8x... Question, this GeForce FX5200 will work with my MotherBoard (that supports AGP 2.0 1x/2x/4x) ?!?! I think th

MSI MS-6330 Lite

Hi, I have a ''MSI MS-6330 Lite'' motherboard with a AMD k7 750 Mhz. and when I install windows XP, I have an error in my windows peripheral. This error is ''PCI controllor of communication simplified'', but all my cards(modem, sound, video) are corr

CPU Support Jumper

I'm setting up a new P4MAM-V with a Celeron D335. The manual shows a CPU support Jumper for locked and unlocked CPUs.  I can't find out what these are.  Can anyone help please? GordonHi Gordon, Locked CPU means that the "multiplier" is locked. I

P67A-C45 CPU support list

Hi there! I searched the forum and googled, but couldn't find anything so I ask here. For some of the MSI motherboards the Intel Core i3 2100 (standard 3,1GHz version) is missing from the CPU support list and when I searched MSI's site about i3 2100


 This is my question!!!  I´ve a computer with the MS-6330 lite v3.0 mainboard with a AMD athlon 1200 processor, one 40gb HDD, one DVD, and one CD-RW. With Win98 the computer only detect the 3 drives with the HDD connected on the IDE2, and DVD+CD-RW c

P45 Neo3-FR (PCB 1.0) CPU Support list ?

Hi everyone! For some unknown reason, I can't seem to find anywhere the CPU Support list for this motherboard - P45 Neo3-FR (PCB 1.0). Could anyone here please shed a little light on this issue and tell me if it supports Intel Pentium E5400 (2M Cache

Not included in CPU support?

Hello everybody, I'm gonna upgrade my computer before christmas, but i have a "technical" question...i don't find two "new" CPU in the CPU Support list for my MSI P35 NEO2-FR... I'm really interessed by the E7600 (core 2 duo) or the E6

KM2M Combo-L CPU Support

Hi there just a quick question for ya, I need to get a couple new motherboards for a couple of computers at work and the MSI KM2M seems to provide everything im looking for at a good price.  The problem being that the 2 cpus i have to go into these b

Mega 865 Mobile CPU Support

Just wondering if the 865 PRO will support any Mobile CPUs? I found the cpu support list, but are any of them mobile cpu's? is there any LGA775 Mobile CPUs?before buying a Mobile CPU, you should look in BIOS settings to see if you can manually set CP

K9N6SGM-V CPU Support

Here's my CPU upgrade plan: I only have 2 CPU choices currently to put in, AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black (Kuma) or AMD Opteron 1210 (Santa Ana) I've been here, searching opteron or Kuma CPU that supported by this M/B

CPU Support for 945P Neo5-F

I have read the CPU Support list for 945P Neo5-F. My question is do you have do a bios upgrade to run any of the CPU's listed or will they run with the factory bios. Will a CPU with a CPU code not listed work?  Board is in the mail. don't know what b

Oracle 9i Lite Arabic support

Hi, Can anyone help me and tell me whether Oracle Lite database supports the storage of Arabic characters? If so, how to do the configuration to support it thanks in advance shibuHave you had any response to this? It looks to me like Oracle Lite only

MSI 745 Ultra and CPU support ??

look here its updated table, but there it says model 10, thorton 2000+,2200+,2400+ are not supported by this mobo. ITSNOT TRUE . im using one 2200+ thorton. it

CPU support for MY MS-6135

Hello i have got an MSI MS-6135 Dual xeon serverboard and 2X PIII 500 xeons. Firstly will the board support these CPU's??? And secondly should they fit in the PII mounts as these dont. Hope you can help.Yes. The 6135 will support up to a PIII600 (if

Flash Lite Not Supported on C2-03

Please solve the problems. Not support adobe flash lite. That is support low rate mobile c2-03. Moderator's note: We have provided a more appropriate title for the post.Yes it does. See in the Device Specifications. Please mark the post as solution i

[P965 NEO MS-7235 ver1.1] CPU support?

Hello, Is the Core2 7xxx series  supported on the MS-7235 ver 1.1 P965 Neo (latest bios v1.B0) I would like to replace a Core2 4300 by a Core2 Duo E7400 (Freq 2.8Ghz, Core 45nm, FSB 1066Mhz, L2 Cache 3Mb, PCG 06, SLB9Y) On the website, it seems hat t

CPU support for PRO 266 MASTER MS-6366??

Does the PRO 266 MASTER MS-6366 support the Tualatin CPU ???but refer to your web page and the

KT3- 6380 E mobo max CPU support?

I am wondering what BIOS version I need to get support for this board for an AMD XP 2600 / 266 FSB? I have already flashed the BIOS to version  6712v18.  using the live update.  This was the only bios update that was found for my board. I can get the