Maintain Vendor for the excise invoice Message no. 4F185

I am doing stock transfer PLANT to PLANT. ME21N, VL10D, VF01 and J1IIN it was save properly. After that I make MIGO. That time Error show "Maintain Vendor for the excise invoice Message no. 4F185" MIGO time I am changing Indicator for material t

Error in MIGO durng intra-company stock transfer by STO

Dear gurus, I am facing an error while posting MIGO during intra-company plant to plant STO. Settings for STO: SPRO >IMG > MM >Purchasing > Purchase Order>set up Stock Transport Order Define Shipping Data Define/assign Checking rule Assign

Error : Maintain Vendor for Excise Invoice

Dear Friends, I'm getting the below error while Good Receipt for STO(intra company through MM route). Error: Maintain vendor for Excise Invoice Message ID: 4F185 Process overview: 1. STO created in receiving plant 2. Material issue through MB1B from

STPO: Vendor error & pricing error

Hi, I am doing Stock transfer from plant to plant in same company code. I have done STPO >DLV>INV>Ex. INV at the time of MIGO ia mfacing some problem. i have maintain all the information in the Excise TAB of migo but still face the following erro