Found the errors in error.log in R12.1.1

Hi all, I found the following errors in access.log. The application is running fine but why these errors are coming i am not able to understand can any one guide me. [Mon Oct 24 17:41:52 2011] [error] [client] [ecid: 1319458312:

Available stock information in detail

I have the following suggestion to improve the logistic part of SAP BO 200X. When an article is on stock and there are purchase- or production orders, the salesorder only checks the TOTAL availability of the article. Example. On stock Qty 100, the or

Search groups with multiple rows into a sngle row

Hey all I have a view similar to the one below what I am trying to do is get the projects that have been fully completed. Meaning all items in that order have been sent. If there is an assignment within that project that has only been partially compl

Query in sql server2000

Hi, Table: dbo.test Tid TValue Tdate 1001 300 05/05/2013 1002 400 05/05/2013 1001 800 06/05/2013 1002 600 06/05/2013 Output Tid  TMonth Monthvalue 1001 May-June 500 1002 May-June 200 Im working on sql server 2000. I need query in sql server 2000. Ple

Cpu over 100 degrees celsius

Hi just got a new macbook, late 2008, and encoded 3 vids to play on sons ipod. Not until the 3rd one when i had everest installed, (using xp under bootcamp), that i noticed the cpu temp rise to and maintain a value around 100 degrees celsius. i have

Scaling Bitmap to 100% screen width

I'm working on a file that will be published as an .exe and viewed on a projected screen. The Flash file is 1024 x 768 (I guessed on the size I should use) , and I have a movieclip of a bitmap image (1024 x 177) that runs along the bottom of the scre

TS1424 100 error? Credit Card Processing down for 4 hours

Any Clue? Attempting to buy Numbers and Keynote. Getting a 100 error followed by cc processing down. It has been 4 hours ...Leonnears I have the same problem, but being as you have had your account for 5 days by the time of this writing, I had mine f

Wrong settings when create a sequence from an AVCHD (.mts) file from canon xa20. Adobe premiere sets as AVC-intra 100 1080i

I don't know why Adobe premiere CC automatically adjust an .mts file from my canon XA20 (AVCHD based on h264 1920x1080 25p) like an AVC-intra 100 1080i. While editing it appears crispy and noisy. Im editing in a windows 7 64 bits plattform. Must I in

Bzip2 let CPU run at 100%

What is "bzip2"? On my new Mac, "bzip2" let run the CPU at 100% every midnight on 12:30h exactly and I don't can work anymore. I read, that this is an application for compression, but I don't find it on the applications folder. Need Ma

Java Programming, 100 locker problem

hello i am intro to programming in java.. i have a problem from my teacher. 100 lockers are all open in an array. 1 person goes in changes all to closed. 2 every other. 3 every third, 4 every fourth and so on until 100. could some1 give me a walktrho

My iphone 5 battery drains pretty quickly on 3G and when I charge it, the battery will never be fully charged to 100%. Why is that?

The battery when charged it will only reach 93%. When i reboot the phone the battery percentage will indicate 97-98% but the battery usage timer has been reset since the battery did not reach 100%. Why is that?I have the same problem with less than 1

Original iPhone -- $ 100 credit

I bought the original iPhone in July 2007 and received a $ 100 credit when the prices dropped a few months later. I have not yet redeemed the credit. I tried to use it in buying a new 3G S earlier today but didn't see how to use the credit. There is

I am unable to open my illustrator - I am getting the error 194:100

I am unable to open my illustrator - I am getting the error 194:100 can anyone let me know what this error is?Chat Transcript: Chetan C: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service. Chetan C: Hi Ross. Chetan C: We appreciate your patience and regret the

Allow all mailbox users to send emails up to 100 recipients (Exchange 2010)

Greetings, Could you please help on writing a Powershell script using Exchange Management Shell on how to realize the following: I want to grant all recipients the ability to send emails up to 100 recipients, this rule will be applied by default to a

Stuck at "Setting up a few more things 100%" when upgrading to build 9860

Hello everyone, I'm currently running Windows 10 Technical Preview, installed from the setup.exe (so not from a bootable disc/USB-stick), which does work better than I expected. Of course there are many bugs and other problems under the hood, but so

EVC config on ASR 1002 Router

Hello I have one Adtran Router on platform: NetVanta 4660 EoX L2/L3 Router having OS version R10.11.0.E. I want to replace this router with Cisco ASR 1002 router. There is EVC configured on Adtran router having the following configuration: interface

Share window says my footage is 100% shared but video is cut off prematurely.

I finished a segment of a wedding video this week.  I used a compressor bundle to export that includes both the Dolby Digital for DVD (for sound) and the MPEG-2 for DVD (for the video).  The share window says the process is 100% complete.  iMac runni

IMac7.1 (10.7.5) Random Sleep Cause:-100

I have an iMac 7.1 (2007) The OS is (10.7.5). It has taken to going to sleep periodically. When I click the mouse, it will wake back up. Of course whatever was processing is halted and the wireless connection is dropped. Whenever this happens, if I c

Cpu is 100% use g how to repair???? pl z tell

cpu is 100% use g how to repair?????Could you please give me the exact model number of your notebook? You can use the following document if you need assistance in finding it.

Hard code spwr network card for 100-full

How can I hard code a spwr network card for 100-full duplex? thanks, ClarkThe following lines added to /etc/system sets a hme network card to 100 full duplex, set hme:hme_adv_autoneg_cap=0 set hme:hme_adv_100T4_cap=0 set hme:hme_adv_100fdx_cap=1 set