Third Party Recruitment Software integration with SAP HR

Dear Experts ,
Iam given a scenario where in the client wants the Erecruitment software Taleo to be integrated with  SAP HCM.The HR recruiters/Managers are currently hiring them into the taleo software and from there the data need to be pushed to the SAP employees's infotypes.
In Addition to this the benefits infotype need to be maintained automatically in the system.Is there any way to automatically default the benefit infotype also
Kindly suggest a solution for this.


You will need interface(s) between Taleo and SAP....If Taleo is your recruiting system...then they may want...
Outbound from SAP: Interface that sends them vacant position data from SAP (you need this so that when Taleo sends you finally an employee data after hiring they can send you the position data with it).
Outbound from SAP: You may also need to send them terminations from SAP (optional - may be needed depending on your company process for handling rehires)
Inbound to SAP: This is the main file from Taleo after offer is accepted and employee is hired in Taleo. At this time Taleo will send you a file for which you can write an interface to hire these employees into SAP. You can do a BDC session with PA40 - you may have to determine if its a hire or rehire here. If you are processing payroll then its important to make sure you have all the payroll related info types (if they are not coming from Taleo then you should at least have them defaulted to what your client agrees).
The second part to your question
Creating benefits depends on how you are getting or determining benefits data.
1. Benefits configuration has something called automatic/default plans...
>>> "Automatic" plans are something employee is enrolled into and has no option to change them.
>>> "Default" plans are something employee is enrolled into on new hire and typically has 30 days to make changes...this is standard configuration for each plan and should be completed.
If it is controlled via benefits config then you just need to go through hire action...and typically as part of that hire action - IT0378/IT0171 will prompt you to go to benefits enrollment screen and enroll employee...into these automatic/default plans...plans will be pre-selected based on configuration. So all you do here is hit save and continue with rest of hire action. All this is recordable via BDC session.
2. If it is NOT controlled via configuration...and you are getting benefit plan details in the file then you just create them in the corresponding info types...IT0167/0168 etc. For processing sanity I would separate hire and benefits creation as two step process if all the data is coming via files...
Happy interfacing...

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