Third party agent commission

Dear Experts,
I have a scinario whereby we do give commission to our third party agents.We want to built system such a way that while genrating sales order itself we will be able to enter some amount manually through pricing condition or any other way which should be having a link with it's own g/l in which the amount will be accumilating and the value which was entered in sales order should not have any impact on it's orignal invoice pricing.
Any help would be highly appriciated.
Please advice how can we built this in SAP?
Best Rgds


1. Create a Agent master how u want like customer or vendor master.
2. Define New partner functions for that agents like Z1, Z2 etc..,
3. Assign Agent partner function  to that particular customer master under partner function tab
4. Define new condition type for Agent commission , in that codition type click on the accruals fields in for that Condition type
5. In the pricing procedure click on the statistical fields for corresponding Condition type and also maintain account key , Accrual Key also
Try to create one Z report to know about the agent commission
Check and Revert for further help

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