The tutorial for SALES ORDER

HI i have to work in SALES ORDER GETLIST in WEBDYNPRO can any of SDNers plz mail me the links or material for this .


Hi Sunil,
    kindly check the following link for a sample:   <a href="">Here</a> and <a href="">Here</a>

How to mark up the price for sales order entry?

Hi Gurus, How to Mark up the price for sales order entry? Example: Item Price: $10, Adding 20% Margin Selliing price of the item is $12 we are giving many typs discounts like festival Discount, customerwise, Order value wise etc.. After giving above

Upload the data for sales order using BAPI

hi experts, how to upload the data for sales order using BAPI. what is the FM? it would be much helpful if i have the sample code as i am very new to BAPI. thanks and Regards ShyamHi  Shyam Its very useful for u BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST BAPI_ACC_S

Quality inspection for the items issued for Sales order

Hi, How to map the qc for the items issued for sales order?Dear Yadav, -Activate insp type 10 in the Material Master-QM view insp setup (MM01) -Create Inspection plan (QP01) with usage as Goods issue & assign Insp characteristics -Create Sales order

Deleting list for sale order

Hi Guru’s How can get the deleting list for sale order?    Useful answer duly rewarded back. Regards, DevendraHi Devendra, General Sales order will be deleted form the database after archiving. Step for Archiving: Sales Order is archived and deleted

Difference between MMBE & MBBS report for sales order stock E

Hi, What is the difference between MMBE & MBBE report bcoz we are getting difference in sales order stock in both reports. Thanks in advance. Regards Basavraj PatilHi, MBBS will give the STOCK OVERVIEW  for specific sales order and specific Project M

Influence /SAPAPO/SJKTST04  for sales order

Dear SAP Gurus, We are using report /SAPAPO/SJKTST04 to generate sales orders in simulation version but we would like to disconsider ou consider a different shipping calendar in the location master. Our shipping calendar is blocked until the 6th day

PO for Sales Order

Hi Experts... We tried to create a PO against the sales order with acc assignment " C " (for Sales Order), mentioning the Sales Order number at the item detail. When we posted the GRN, there were no acounting entries nor the material quantities

Searching for Sales orders with a particular condition type..

Hi, I'm searching for sales orders and purchase orders which contain a particular condition type, can someone please point me in the right direction? Regards, AttiqHi, Goto SE16 and put KONV Put the particular condition type that you are looking for

SAP Mobile integration(for Sales Order)

Hi, when i create SO, it should send an sms to a perticular mobile no. how to configure this? our client does not have CRM implemented,but SD implemented. regards, AmolHi Amol, This feature is not there in mobile application for sales order.You need

Using MD50 to run MRP for Sale Order

Dear all, I have some problem when using MD50 with Mill Product Industry. When SAP system not activate Mill Product yet. I used transaction code MD50 to run MRP for Sale Order, the system have generated planned order for multilevel. But when SAP syst

T Code for doing mass output for Sales order like VL71 for Delivery

Hi Can anyone let me know what is the t code for the sales orders for which despatch time was set as "3- using own transaction" MuthuHi, Though there is a program, there is no output for sales order similar to VL71 for delivery. Sales order is t

Requisitions for sale order stock

Requisitions for sale order stock that are generated directly from the sales order are not passed to SRM but requisitions that are created manually for sales order stock are passed to SRM. Why is the sourcing of a requisition for sales order stock wh

Transaction code for sales order totals and purchase order totals

Hi i am using alv grid report to display the sales order and purchase order totals by productline(profit center) Now i have to call standard transactions from first list to display the totals of sales order and purchase order.I have to display these

How to create a daily report for sales order

hi how to create a daily report for sales order. what fields it must consists of. what are the tables it need?Hi You have to use the sales order tables VBAK,VBAP and VBEP So keep date field on selection screen and treat this date as Order creation da

User-Exit after saving VA01 to get the number of Sales Order.

Hi everyone, I hope you all fine! I really need your help to get a user-exit or BADI for the VA01 transaction,  because after pushing the save button I need to get the number of sales order, so I can create a header text, but to use a Function Module

ATP for sales order

Hello, Could someone please tell me how do we determine if the client site is presently using ATP for sales order. Does OVJ9/OVJ2 tell us if they have turned the ATP check on? Any help is much appreciated. thanksAvailability check can be turned on/of

Tcode for Sales Order Output(collective processing)

Hi What is the tcode or program to print sales orders collectively, similar to VL71 for deliveries & VF31 for invoices. Regards UmaHi Uma There is no such T code for sales order print. You can use SE38-> run RSNAST00 program for sales order output

New Smartform for Sales Order

Dear Gurus, We need to Print Sales Order & we are creating new Smartform for the same. The standard Output type for Sales Order is BA00, but we have created new output & assigneed the same in Output determination. Now to the best of my knowledge,

Driver program for Sale Order

Hi all, Can any body tell me Standard Driver program for Sale Order Smart form? Useful answer will be rewarded Thanks in advance, Sachin.Hi Sachin, you can do this by, <b> NACE</b> (tocde) -->  select  <b>Sales</b> --> click