The plotting of a "master" curve from many curves

I have plotted many curves onto a xy-graph. What I want to do is to construct a master curve from these curves.
How do I use labview to drag these curves to where I want them to be on the graph and then fit the curves with a polynomial curve (the "master" curve) of my choice?


> You are right; I want to drag the curves on the graph so that they can
> be end to end. Then I want to fit these pieces with a piecewise
> function of my choice, e.g. a polynomial of order 8 or a tanh
> function.
Since the graphs really have to be placed end-to-end, I'd recommend a
slightly different way of interacting. Assuming that these plots are
named, pick an initial order -- say alphabetical. Display this in a
listbox control next to the graph. The listbox is a very easy way to
have a drag and drop interface, and as the listbox items are dragged
around, you can read the property for the string items and redraw the
graph, giving feedback.
You can place a picture control on top of a graph to get events, or use
mouse event
s in 6.1 to directly drag the plots around, but this will be
tedious. Start with the listbox, and if there is time at the end add
the graph drag-n-drop as well.
As for the fit. Look for fitting or regression function in the math
Greg McKaskle