The files i load dont turn green

i am trying to follow the tutorial every step of the way. In the tutorial crome is the default , how do i do that and when the files are loaded the icons turn green , when i load them they stay gray. i try to open the rtf file and I get a msg stating that the file hasĀ  an invalid fileĀ  ext extension


The videos were recorded using the original release of Dreamweaver CC. In more recent versions of Dreamweaver, the icons are all greyscale. The decision to change from colour icons was made by Adobe to make the user interface less intrusive, allowing you to focus more on the design of your web page. It's a controversial decision. Not everyone likes it.
To open the rtf file, right-click, and select Open With. Then browse for a text editor on your computer. On Windows, choose Wordpad. On a Mac, choose TextEdit.