The cluster conundrum solved in 2010!

I'm sure Darren will get this into a nugget soon (if he hasn't already) but one of the features of 2010 is the ability view a cluster constant as a icon on the block diagram - great but this is fairly well known...
Well, I just had one of those fun accidental discoveries (maybe I just didn't read all the "New in 2010" literature well enough) but when I was poking around on my block diagram IĀ found that you can quickly go from "cluster constant as icon" to the messy data/type view with a simple double click on the boarder.
Double-click to toggle cluster constant "icon" view - brilliant!
- Jolt


Th eonly problem with that is it goes back to the orginal size before you made it an icon. I have some big clust constants and this defeats the propse of using this feature because everything grows if you have that selected in the tool options. I made this suggestion in the idea exchange.
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