Tecra A11-11H - error: RTC power failure

Got a problem with my toshiba laptop, A11-11H. Upon start up, when it was unplugged (no battery) it will prompt "RTC POWER FAILURE" press F2. It reverts BIOS settings to the date it was manufactured 13/05/2011. Once I input the correct settings and restart it will work fine.
I think its the BIOS battery gone (6 months?).
So the question is where is the CMOS battery located?
I pull out the motherboard but cant honestly see it. Does it have any?
Also would anyone know the part no for CMOS battery? I would really appreciate some help guys.
Let me know, Dan
Btw, I got this laptop upgraded to 8GB RAM and 750GB HDD.


I kept it turned on for the best part of 27 hours. It didn't help unfortunately. This is slowly making me believe that someone must have removed the original battery or it is completely depleted without the possibility to recharge. Would anyone be able to help me locate the CMOS battery on this laptop?
I can take some pictures of this motherboard, perhaps you will be able to notice the battery.
Also I managed to update the BIOS software (bootable DOS memory stick). Still cant choose what to boot from from within the BIOS (I see the devices but cant choose any of them as the choices are not highlighted).