Table EBEW , field SOBKZ - Special Stock Indicator

Can somebody tell me the value & text range for this field as there I cant find text anywhere.
What is the purpose of this field?


Its special stock indicator field for ex. E, K , M, O, P.....etc
If u go to MMBE , thr u can see the special stock indicator field to select , this field gives the material availability in which special stock like consignment, for project , for order , for pipe line...etc

Special stock indicator for the sales order (VBAP-SOBKZ=)

Dear All, I am getting a warning message while making an initial entry of stock with Mov.Typ : 561 and Special Stock Indicator (E), i.e., "The special stock indicator for the sales order (VBAP-SOBKZ=)is different from the special stock indicator in t

Require special stock indicator in  MCBA Report

Hi, We have following requirement, In report MCBA. we need special stock indicator ( e.g. We should have facility to select/deselect consignment stock, subcontracting stock, third party, stock transper, service.) As this selection Criteria  does not

How to populate Special Stock Indicator in IW31/IW32

Hi SAP experts, I want to populate the <b>Special Stock Indicator</b> under <b>Components Tab</b> automatically when user presses ENTER in T.Code <b>IW31/IW32</b> based on some condition. Thanks in Advance. Help will be

Customer Stock (Special stock indicator B and item category C)

Dear All, I am mapping my service center scenario in sap, We are consumer product manufacturer when material is wthin warranty or outside warranty, for any defects or replacement customer come with defective material to my service center. When i will

Special stock Indicator in process order

Hi Guys, I am using Configurable material via BOM dependency. During sales order pop-up and selection are coming well. I have selected Component A1, B2, C2 with characteristic value. Now B2 and C2 have procurement type "F" and for A1 procurement

Special stock indicator in requirement class

Hi While trying to create a new requirement class or while changing an existing requirement class, the special stock indicator is always greyed out. Can anyone suggest why? Thanks.You need to talk to your CO consultant and make sure that the account

Special stock indicator in HU02

Hi SAP Guru's, I would like to know, exactly is there any facility to enter the Sales Order no. while creating Handling Unit  in the tcode HU02. Regards, SuryaDear Joseph, I guess this material must be planned using the planning strategy 20,for which

Value of EK02 for special stock post to EBEW

Hi, I have encouter one problem in MTO process. The value of EK02 for special in SO can't be posted to table EBEW for Sales Order Stock Valuation. And then there will be difference. Anybody who can help to why this error occured and how to solve it?T

Operation Subcontracting involving special stock

Hi All, We have a business scenario as below. Operation Subcontracting process involved in a Project. The Components send to Vendor is a project stock. As already there a Special stock Indicator, we cannot send the material to Subcontractor. Any inte

Posting to special stock while GR of consignment pickup is done

Hi Experts, When GI for a consignment fill up is done, it takes place with a movement type of 631 (Unrest stock to customer consignment). But when GR for consignment pickup for this fillup is done, it takes place with a movement type of 632E (Custome

Table for Special Stock Types

Hi All, I am creating a report to display the stock information of a material. In that i need to include all the special stocks also. Can anyone please tell me the table containing the data for special stock type E,K,M,O,P,Q,V,W,YCheck these tables.

What are  the tables and fields  in fico & sd module

what are  the tables and fields  in fico & sd moduleHi, <b> Sales and Distribution:</b> Customers KNA1 General Data KNB1 Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct) KNB4 Customer Payment History KNB5 Customer Mast

Special stock partner data problem in ERP system during "Post Goods issue"

Hi all, I have a (probably) customizing issue in an ERP 6.0 EhP4 test system which not occurs in the ERP 6.0 test system. There is a difference but no one could tell me, what causes the problem in this scenario: I have two customers, C1 and C2. C2 is

Enquiry on MR21 for Special stock Sales Order

HI Guru, Can anyone please advice me the purpose of MR21 for special stock Sales order? Where and which table would the program MR21 update? thank you very much, Chee WeeHi, thanks for your info. Can i say the changes will be done for those special s

Consider Special stock in MRP run

Hi all, Is it possible to consider the special stock (table MSLB) when I run MRP (MD01)? The type os special stock is 'O' Thank in advance, Felipe Simionatto Edited by: fsimionatto on Feb 8, 2012 8:09 PMSpecial stock cannot be included in the MRP run

Restrict MIGO_GI at movement with Special Stock

Hi, We need restriction in T-code: - MIGO_GI or MB1A. In MIGO_GI there restrict GI for cost center with Special Stock And MB1A there also show Special Stock. Do you any possibility to restrict movement with Special Stock. Amitnot exactly. no. you can

Special GL indicator issue

Hello All, My user wanted to post customer credit memo using special GL indicator. He wanted that the Payment term field to be visible in the document. However, the payment term field is suppressed. The filed Due Date is required. Is this a SAP stand

T-code for getting consumptions / usage on special stock Q materials?

Hi, I am facing an issue: special stock Q is not included in all T-codes that I know for getting the consumptions / usage over a period. --> MC.9, MCBE etc.. are all not showing any results for those kind of materials. I found the explanation: it's d

Special GL indicator W

Hi All, How do we make payment on due date for vendor postings made through special GL indicator W - Bills of Exchange payable. The line items are not getting picked up in F110. Thanks in advance! Regards, AmanDear Aman, please have a look at the fol