Anybody knows when is Symbian 3 ANNA available for N8 dowload?


Following previous Symbian 3 release policy, it makes sense to restrict the beta testing of the new Anna release to a few phones. Once the user community have identified all the bugs in Anna (like they did in the first Symbian 3 release) then Nokia can fix the bugs and release a more solid version for all Symbian phones.
I cannot see why the OS cannot be the same for all phones. Admittedly different phones have different hardware, but a sensible approach would be for the OS to probe the hardware and then omit or remove code on the fly - e.g. if no NFC is present, then omit this code. I am sure this should be possible, but probably not with Symbian as it is.  This way all phones would get one self-configurable OS, with the basic release staying the same for all.
In fact this does happen up to a point, with DAB radio - hardware that needs to be plugged in.  If you don't have a DAB radio you don't download the app. If you do download the app and start it without plugging in the DAB radio, it detects this and puts up appropriate messages.  I am suggesting a similar app-ised OS structure, where apps are only present if the associated hardware is detected, code for all hardware possible being present in the base firmware.
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