Anybody knows when is Symbian 3 ANNA available for N8 dowload?


Following previous Symbian 3 release policy, it makes sense to restrict the beta testing of the new Anna release to a few phones. Once the user community have identified all the bugs in Anna (like they did in the first Symbian 3 release) then Nokia can fix the bugs and release a more solid version for all Symbian phones.
I cannot see why the OS cannot be the same for all phones. Admittedly different phones have different hardware, but a sensible approach would be for the OS to probe the hardware and then omit or remove code on the fly - e.g. if no NFC is present, then omit this code. I am sure this should be possible, but probably not with Symbian as it is.  This way all phones would get one self-configurable OS, with the basic release staying the same for all.
In fact this does happen up to a point, with DAB radio - hardware that needs to be plugged in.  If you don't have a DAB radio you don't download the app. If you do download the app and start it without plugging in the DAB radio, it detects this and puts up appropriate messages.  I am suggesting a similar app-ised OS structure, where apps are only present if the associated hardware is detected, code for all hardware possible being present in the base firmware.
My current phone - Samsung Galaxy Note

Problems with C7 symbian Anna updating

Please answer immediatly!! I have a C7 with Symbian Anna Today I update the software with Ovi Suite but on 3th phase, the Cell doesn't restart Pleaseeee help me!! How can I resolve the problem?If I remember, the difference is that via NSU the firmwar

Symbian Anna in America

Ok one more thing wat's the present state of Symbian Anna in countries like America? Moderator's note: Message moved out of a thread that had nothing to do with this question, and adjusted the title to reflect the topic at hand. Nokia C7So old post!

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can u plz rply me "if symbian anna 025.007 softwar update is available for C7-00 in india" my product code is 059B8M2 RM-675 SOFTWARE ys or no will sufficintYou can put it that way if you want to... But its Anna as well but with so

Symbian Anna TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Nokia, I have a nokia c7 in Turkey. When will symbian anna come to Turkey? What is the problem? When will we see new software on ovi suite? Please give an aswer exactly.  Thank you...We've been waiting for Anna for a long time. Finally, The end of

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hello  i have nokia 500 belle refresh i want to run the app's that run only on symbian anna like astroller and stellarium mobile though all are astro apps but i want them on my this device ie on symbian belle refresh  pls tell me the way to run these

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hi english is not my native language. i have two nokia c7`s. one with the symbian anna (updated today) and one without the anna update. the old one has 3 settings for the diplay brightness from min /medium/to max the c7 updated with anna has only 2.

Symbian Anna - Pinch zoom not working!

It seems I can only pinch zoom some sites but not others. For example I can't increase the font size or zoom into, but I could before the Anna update. Is there a way to fix this, or is this permanent? And still no automatic resizing on zoom

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Today while refreshing WLans suddenly phone give some error, which I couldn't read, cause was touching screen consistently. Then realized that suddenly all screens go back to their default values. It was changing between home screens and refreshing i

Symbian Anna Service Pack

I found it to be available today through Software Update application of my N8, product code 0599221: Acording to update's information, this Service Pack improves phone's performance, by bringing easier scrolling through messages and quicker location

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I updated my nokia c7 to v 024.0001 after I have checked it as new update on Ovi suit and in my c7 ,so after that I faced a problem " phone startup failure please contact the retailer " I restart again and again then faced the same problem I rem

NOKIA N8 - Things that we hate (Symbian ANNA)

Hello, I open this thread just to write down Things that we hate about Nokia N8, improvements to be added, etc.... * Continuous autofocus not working. Never did. at least for my N8 (Brand new, 2 days) * Auto-Screen lock is not possible to disable. on

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Hi all  a week ago i purchased my nokia e7 i was happy with my phone it looked great and i really loved it but after i connected my phone to the wifi i couldn't stop it from reconnecting by itself without any need  i tried everything from -turning wi

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i have nokia n8, at first it started off as temporarily thing, i restart and it all goes fine. but then this morning i woke up woth nothing at all, it dosent even turn on, i did the three finger reset move and it did turn on but i lost my touch contr

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Hi There, I have succesfully upgrade my C6-01. However it support not dutch language any more. Under the writing language is UK / FR / DE / ES / IT but no NL. How can i correct this? Best regards Peter  Solved! Go to Solution.Dear Professor, I unders

New Symbian UI "Anna"​news/2011/04/12/symbian-anna-software-and-2-new-de​... Nokia announced their new UI "Anna". Quote from Nokia "Nokia will soon make the Symbian Anna software update available to existing use

Ovi store not working after Anna update on N8

Hi, I have successfully updated my N8 firmware to Anna including all s/w updates (mandatory as well as optional) and all the updates were successful. However, now when I try to launch Ovi store, I just see the launch screen and the app closes automat

C7 Sybian Anna theme question

Hi all, I have C7 original sybian^3, after update to sybiaan Anna. The original themes were deleted. I like the original theme, hoe can I get back the original blue/silver theme. [email protected]_bert After my installation of the symbian anna update i had

N8 auto restart after updating Anna

Like i mentioned , My n8 was working perfectly with pr1.2 . Then the problem started since i updated to symbian anna , It automatically restarts . I've tried everything i could , reinstall , hard reset , flash firmware , but the problem was still the