Switching on/off licenses

I am about to purchase Adobe CC suite, but I have a question regarding installation on several computers.
I understand that I can install the software on 2 different computers, but I am actually in need of a third, additional computer. The third computer is a laptop which I use on travels, vacations etc.
Can I purchase the standard license, install the software on the 2 computers and un-activate one of the computers easily to use the programs on the third computer meanwhile? Can I do this with ease, for example by just deactivate one computer on the internet and activate the laptop software?
With kind regards,
- Johan.


yes, it's very easy to do.
in fact, you don't even need to remember to deactivate before leaving on vacation.  when you start an adobe app on your travel laptop you'll be prompted to sign in.  the app will detect that you're already signed in on your two home computers and will give you the option of signing out from those two so you can sign in while using your travel computer.  it couldn't be easier and has never failed me.  (and i repeatedly fail to remember to sign out from my office computer when i leave on vacation and open my laptop at the airport.)