Switching from Virgin Media..

Hey, I'm switching from Virgin Media very soon because of their dreadful customer service and looking around BT Infinity is in my area so i thought why not. But the reason why im posting is that I've been on NTL/Virgin Media for about 8 Years, but before that i had a BT phoneline.
When i got in contact with somoneone at a BT Call centre they said I would have to pay a £130 fee to change my line BACK to BT, i told them i used to be a BT customer but they said I still have to pay the full amount. Seeing as I've been a BT customer in the past, does that make my line still BT? I really dont want to have to fork out £130 at this time of the year.
TL;DR - Been a former BT customer but currently on Virgin Media, switching back to BT for Infinity Broadband and not sure if i have to pay the BT Line installation fee.
Thanks alot in advance
 - Cam


have you contacted the sales team, to find out if they can do you a special offer?
you will be safe and secure with Bt's call centre, as it is in India, and their dedicated staff are not permitted to deviate from their scripted diagnoses, so although slow, they will get to solve any  problem when it arises.
welcome to the world of last wednesday week.
there's now't wrong with 2 cans and a piece of string. at certain times, it is often faster.