Styling Captions

I have a caption setup with a numbered list and the word "figure" beforethe numbering (this is set in the paragraph sytle, not in the caption setup). The result is something like "Figure 1-1 This is a sample picture"
- I can't seem to style the "Figure X-X" independent of the text that is in the metadata For example, I want "Figure X-X" to be bold while "This is a sample picture" is to be regular.
- The metada sytle has a default other than "none". Any idea how I can change this to just "none" by default?


Actually, I didn't notice it before, but there is a specific sytle associated with the "Figure X-X". This is separate from the metadata text. By doing this, no manual modification is necessary.

Muse image metadata and global caption styling

When will Muse be able to import image metadata and perform global caption styling with accurate positioning for lightboxes and slideshows?I've done some testing. if images are uploaded to the Facebook Wall, the Comments field that Aperture presents

Captions in Photo Album

I've been trying to add captions to the photo album demonstrated in the Spry demo page ( Applying the method suggested in DBooth's tutorial for an earlier version of a Spry

Help!  code for specifying .vtt caption file doesn't work!

Hi folks, I hope this is something simple..... I'm writing plain jane HTML5 code to play .mp4s on mobile devices that won't play Flash content.  I HAVE to have them accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, so they have to be captioned.  I have the

How can I create a one image per page caption sheet that includes the description in Bridge?

I am trying to find a way to create a one-image-per-page caption sheet for my workflow. I currently place each image into Word and copy the description onto the document, then repeat for each image. I am hoping that there is a way to automate this pr

Caption Options in Slide Show

Is there anyway to have the caption come in separately from the photo or to add some kind of animation to it?  Thank you in advance.Hi GaryMoody, I consider that you are referring to the caption for the basic slideshow. It is not possible to add anim

Has anyone successfully used speech recognition software to add captions to photos?

I have tried using Dragon and the builtin features of Win 7, but no luck.  This would be very useful for captioning large quanities of photos. ThanksI was able to create a speech macro that allows me to do this.  I have the marco set up so that I can

Can I sort alphabetically by, say, caption?

Caption is not one of the criteria listed on the pull-down menu.  The only way I know to sort alphabetically is by file name. Is there a way to create my own criteria?  I want to be able to sort things alphabetically by the words in the caption field

What is the best way to modify the closed captioning button to read "FR" instead of "CC"

I'm considering using Flash to modify the button text for the CC button in one of the playbars. Just wanted to know if there is a better way than hacking the playbar fla file. And if this is the only way, if there are publishing settings to watch out

Problem viewing captions in HTML Design page

I'm currently trialling Dreamweaver CS6 on both an iMac and Macbook Pro, both of which are running Mountain Lion. When I create a HTML doc, copying and pasting a Source page, and look at in in Design some text is missing - specifically captions. Howe

Adding Caption to Spry Demo Photo Gallery

Guys, Can someone please help... I'm trying to add a dynamic caption to the following photo gallery: Right now, I'm just using the image path for the caption, but it doesn't change with when a new image is l

Line Breaks missing in captions from other programs...

I've spent the last few hours searching around, and I've been unable to find any solution to a weird thing I noticed. I've recently purchased LR 3.4.1 and when I imported a handful of older pics that had had the captions set using Bridge, the line br

Univsion closed captioning

Does anyone know why channel 34 Univision has no closed captions? Is there a fix?Fixed it. Check it now.Read other 2 answers

Creating a caption of a button on a toolbar

Dear all, I was wondering if it is possible to create like a small caption on a button (which has an image icon) on a toolbar. Basically when the user places the mouse on the button, a small message appears explaining briefly what the button does. Ha

How can i add a caption on photo or video in DW ?

I have some photos and i like add some text on photo as description (No as part of photo). i like google search, can read this text and clients can highlight text and copy it. in my site(above it) : i make with Joomla plugin but like make

IPTC caption written on Mac looks garbled on PC

Have had this issue for a long time so am trying again to discover an answer. On a Mac running PS CC14, I've entered an extended caption into the IPTC (file info) description box. The caption includes quotation marks, pound/dollar symbols etc that ar

Import Captions from Word

Can anyone help me? I've exported the captions into Word, made modification, then imported them back into Captivate. Now I'm seeing square boxes in the exe file that I created. Is there a way to remove them? I'm using version 1. Total confusedHi Verr

Can I do a 'bulk' find/replace operation in the metadata 'caption' field?

I have about 3000 images in a geneology library in Lightroom.  I need to go through all the captions and make the persons' names consistent.  Is there a way, in Lightroom, or a 3rd party app, that will let me find all the "Bill Smith" occurances

Hidden Captions appearing when Published CP5.5

Has anyone else run into this problem?  I have text captions that are hidden on screen and I keep them turned off, but they appear when I publish the file.  Any ideas? Thanks, KevinHi Kevin, Welcome to Adobe Community. Please accept my apologies for

My IMovie icon on my Ipad is opaque with the caption of Waiting...

To whom it may conserns Actually, My iMovie icon on my iPad is opaque with the caption of Waiting... at the bottom... Although it has finished to be downloaded, it is still working; the only path to open and use the application is exploiting purchase