Strange behavior for iCal alarms

To run an AppleScript from an iCal alarm you do the following:
In Automator, create a Calendar Alarm
Select Utilities from the library pane
Select & drag Run AppleScript into the workflow area
Copy/paste an AppleScript into the Run AppleScript box
Save the newly created Calendar Alarm with name (e.g. ArchNew)
This will open the Automator Calendar in iCal
Edit the Date/Time/Repeat/...... as you want as shown in the example below
The resulting AppleScript will be stored here
Now the problem
If at a later time you want to modify the AppleScript using the AppleScript Editor, it will break the binding between the iCal alarm and the AppleScript
The only way I've been able to do this is delete the file
and then go back to #1 above and repeat the whole process with the modified AppleScript.
Does anyone know why the simple approach of directly editing and saving the changes to the AppleScript doesn't work?


You still haven't provided your 4 digit Oracle version or the TABLE and INDEX DDL.
Your 'problem' could be nothing more than DEFERRED SEGMENT creation where Oracle doesn't allocate space until the first data is added for that segment.
See 'Understanding Deferred Segment Creation' in the DBA Guide
Understand Deferred Segment Creation
Beginning with Oracle Database 11g Release 2, when you create heap-organized tables in a locally managed tablespace, the database defers table segment creation until the first row is inserted.
In addition, segment creation is deferred for any LOB columns of the table, any indexes created implicitly as part of table creation, and any indexes subsequently explicitly created on the table.
In Release, deferred segment creation is not supported for partitioned tables. This restriction is removed in release and later.
That is why it is MANDATORY that posters provide their 4 digit Oracle versions. There are too many features that depend on the version being used.