Stop the playhead from inside a movieclip

I am trying to stop the playhead from within a movie clip and when I test the scene (the movieclip) it works but when I test the main timeline scene, it stops the frame within the movie clip but continues on the main timeline.  On the frames that stop I am using a script that will allow it to continue when the space bar is pressed. How can I stop it on the main timeline, and within the movie clip at the same time?
Is their a way to do something like _root.stop(); or something?


Have a question about the _root.stop().
I have a pause and play feature in a flash player so the user can stop the presentation along with all the voiceover that streams with the presentation.
I used the _root.stop() in the flash player hoping it will stop the main timeline, but also the embedded movieclip timeline. It stopped the main timeline,  but not the other one.
How do I stop both timelines at the same time? the _root.stop() was not working for me.
Thank you, Brian