Still problems with external harddrive after sleep although 10.8.5 supplemental update is installed

I am on an iMac 24" late 2007. The external drive is a Hitachi (HGST) Touro 1TB (other drives are fine and never had a problem not even before the supplemental update). Disk utility finds no problems with the HD (had volume repaired never the less).
Is this just my iMac or are others here also still confronted with hd sleep problems after the supplemental update?
Thanks for your input.


I'm not having those same problems, but my USB3 external drives attached via a USB3 hub still are ejected improperly when the machine goes to sleep.  Also, I've had aliases on the desktop disappear for no reason.  I regret updating to 10.8.5 due to all the weird problems, and the supplemental update fixed a few things but it's still buggy...  Fortunately, no data corruption from this.  I keep my fingers crossed.
Since desktop sales represent 15% of Apple's revenues (and dropping), it's just a matter of time before they dump desktops all together. I see no reason why Apple would care if the desktop OS is buggy.