Still no drag and drop between tabbed documents

Working with multiple documents opened at the same time is my everyday workflow and I'm sure I am not alone.
When Adobe introduced tabbed view it was finally a solution to messy multiple opened documents but they omited the biggest advantage in this workflow which is drag and drop of object from one to doc to the other.
In order to do so you have to go to Arrange button (CS5) or Window>Arrange (CS6) and choose to tile or float all documents. That is stupid and inefficient.
What we need is to grab a layer and drag it onto a another doc tab and Photoshop should switch to that tab immediately. You can drag and drop between separate Illustrator and PS files but you can't drag and drop within PS which doesn't make any sense.
Copy and paste is just as not as quick solution as drag and drop.
And while you at it why not make empty space after tabs double clickable to get open document window, kind of like when you have no file opened you can double click the gray area.


I keep tagging my agreement to this everytime I see it requested - from multiple users, including myself.
Dragging from the layers panel seems a much more logical method to me. What's really frustrating was that we had this in CS4, and it was removed in CS5 and is still absent in CS6.