SSHD is really fast on MPB 15" 2011?

Hi everyone,
It's my first post here and I'm not a native speaker, so sorry about my english
Well, after read a lot of post about SSHD drives, I just want to know your opinions about this drives, I mean, about how real fast it is after using for a while, because when you install the OS for first time the drive is not really faster but everybody says the more time you use the disk, more fastest can be.... It's convenient buy one of these drives?
I want to install one of these for my MBP 15" early 2011 (2,0Ghz - 8GB  Ram)
Thanks in advance!


I have a Seagate 1 TB SSHD in the late 2011 MBP.  Boot and shutoff times have been reduced by well over 50% compared to a HGST  7200 rpm. 1 TB HDD.  It seems to be quicker on often visited web sites and activities. 
For the very modest price increase over a conventional HDD, I think it warrants serious consideration.