Spotify app wont log me in

Plain and simnple the Spotify app wont let me log in. It keeps saying user name or password is wrong even though they are not.Ive looked through the FAQ and have sent a email to the spotafy support team and still no luck or any reply.


Make sure you are typing in your username instead of email address.
If you have contacted support,
Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.
If you still have not gotten a reply:
Did you get a confirmation email from the contact form? It should be similar to "Spotify Support Case #XXXXXXX". If so, reply back to that email and tell them you still need help.
If you got an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it saying you still need help, even if it's from a no-reply address.
If you never got an email, look in your spam folder to see if there is an email in there. Make sure you are checking the email account you used to sign up to Spotify. You can check the email on your account here.