Speed just suddenly dropped for the first time

I have been with BT for about nearly a year from TalkTalk before that, I hated TalkTalk with it's slow speeds (only had max of 50kB/s) when I switched to BT, I had constant speeds of 160-180kB/s, now a few days ago, they have seemed to dropped to 70-80kB/s. I don't know what the problem is but it seems to be quite weird, also I had dropped connections when the broadband would stay active for about 5 to 10 minutes then it would drop and have problems connecting to broadband.
I left it for about two days while keep resetting it because the BT wizard kept telling me it's best to reset the BT hub router and I still have slow speeds from now on...
I did a couple speedtests on www.speedtest.net and one test from BT website. The Speedtest.net says 70kB/s and BT website says 170kB/s, I have no idea what to do next...
Exactly what am I suppose to do, I hate making phone calls since I'm deaf and it's a lot of hard work.
My contract with BT is 8meg line or whatever with unlimited data usage.


Search forum for quite line test dial the number use option 2 and listen for noise on the line an analogue phone should have no noise if the line is good a digit phone not recommended may have slight hiss but neither should have any clicks or crackles
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