Source and Preview monitor blank or displaying hidden windows

In Premiere Pro CS4. Seemingly for no reason my source and prview monitors are no longer working. Instead of playing back the media they just display blank or whatever was on screen before changing focus back to CS4. For instance if I went to import a file and the explorer window opened up, once I closed it I would seem remnants of the explorer window where the Source Monitro should be, so it's obviously a glitch.
Not sure why this is happening. I did a clean install of CS4, and even a full restore of the entire Windows OS and the problem persists. Interestingly I can run After Effects and it works just fine.
Any ideas?


Something like this is "usually" a graphics adapter problem
What is your brand/model (nVidia... ATI... ???) and your device driver number?

Source and Program Monitor not working after October CC 2014 Update

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Preview monitor won't display preview

I cannot get my third monitor to show a preview in PP CC. The monitor works fine in FC7. In PP it's just black. Adobe has not been able to resolve it saying that it may be the video card. I got a response on my last post saying I needed to supply mor

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When working with Windows XP, my Photoshop/Bridge CS3 was working fine. On my new computer with Vista, Bridge acts up in strange ways. It sometimes shuts down spontaneously, causing a Windows "Bridge has stopped working" message to appear. At ot

I have an Apple Powerbook G4, and my monitor doesn't function. I have an external display Monitor, however it's stuck in extended screen mode. How do I get it to mirror or duplicate the display without use of the on-board?

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Change settings on preview monitor

am working in uk, is there anyway i can make the preview monitor match 50 cycles as on playback to picture is difficult to judge because monitor seem to be on 60 cycles and picture looks like old fashion standard conversionHold on. Are you talking ab

Radeon HD 7520g Blank Laptop Display

Hey all, I'm no expert on linux graphics (or graphics at all for that matter), so please be patient if I don't include everything necessary. Here's my issue. I've got a laptop with an AMD Trinity APU, a6-4400m. The graphics "card" is a Radeon HD

Pre.Elem.13 How to displace the preview-monitor to a second screen

@PaulvP For background information, what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running on. Extended across....Display setting. Temporarily for Timeline Panel and Preview Window, not Edit area Monitor. Same for versions 11, 12, and ap

Weird dots in QuickTime and Preview.  Possibly ColoeSync  Need Help

I have had for some time now these weird spots in QuickTime and Preview files when viewing them only. They only appear when looking at them with these apps. Viewing pictures in PhotoShop don't recreate the problem. I suspect it's related to ColorSync

[SOLVED] Monitor blanking after 10 minutes

I've got to the end of PART II of the excellent Beginners Guide but before I embark on the next part, I need to solve the issue of my monitor blanking after 10 minutes of inactivity. Please note that, at this stage, I do not have "X" installed.

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Hi, I got a mbp 13" 2010 I would like to buy a  HP 2510i monitor &lang=en&cc=us&taskId=115&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=3757979&prodTypeId

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