Some problem about integrated ITS 640

How to change Webgui theme in integrated ITS 640
Dear all ,
My system is ECC5,the Package level it SAPKGPRC05,SAPKB64015,SAPKA64015,SAPKH500010.
now, I configure  integrated ITS with T-code SICF .
I create a external aliases "/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui" ,aAfter that I can connect to the
ITS with the following URLs:
But now ,I have some problem cannot solve as follow:
1 When I logon ITS, the default language is English ,only English and Genman may be
selected,The requirement is that I want to use other language as the default logon language.
When I on the pop-up dialog box "Change External Alias" tab " Service data" ,"Anymous Logon
Data "select a Language "Chinese",the system pop-up a message box show "code page not
supported".how can i configure the default logon language ?
2 I hope use "https"-- Security Reqiurements ,as a security link ,so I selected "SSL",aAfter
that I can connect to the ITS with the following URLs:
IE show cannot find the web system .
And use the following urls:
only show the logon page and notice the error "Logon not possible; none of the active logon
procedures is possible"
and how can I configure the "https" ? and must configure with se38 "W3_PUBLISH_SERVICES"
program together ,if like that ,i must republish all of the component again ?
3 I hope change the webgui theme , in ITS620 have theme 00,90 ,99 .and we can select
"EnjoySAP". but in integrated ITS 640 , i donot know where to find the its admin page to
setup the theme . can you tell me how can i find the admin page to setup the theme .
thanks all ,hope your reply !
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Hope this Information is useful.
The SAP Integrated ITS only supports the new "Tradeshow" design (unlike the "standalone" ITS which also supports the well-known EnjoySAP design). The new design is more easily incorporated into the Enterprise Portal and is better adapted to the design of other SAP Web UI technologies (BSP, WebDynpro).
There are also changes to the header area in SAP integrated ITS in Tradeshow: The menu bar and standard toolbar functions are collected on either side of the transaction code field in the buttons "Menu" (on the left) and "System" (on the right). The application toolbar elements are then displayed to the right. Instead of symbols, the system displays the text description. If there is insufficient space to display all buttons, you can display the other elements by choosing the "More" button to the right of the screen.
In Release 6.40 (NetWeaver 2004) , the new design is only available for the Internet Explorer. As of Release 7.00 (NetWeaver 2004s), it is also available for Firefox and Mozilla Browser. For this reason, the Enjoy design continues to be supported for Mozilla and Firefox in Release 6.40 (but only for these browsers, and even then only for this design, and not Tradeshow).
Furthermore, in Release 6.40, there are some Internet Application Components (that is, Web applications that build on the ITS), which continue to be displayed with the "Enjoy" design. Of course, the "Enjoy" design continues to be supported for these applications.
You can use SITSPMON Transaction  to monitor the integrated ITS.