'Some images are missing because they were deleted from the document'

I created a document in Pages v5.2 last week and have just opened it and received the following message:
'Some images are missing because they were deleted from the document'
When I try and replace the missing images I get the following message:
'The image "filename" couldn't be inserted.'
When I try and reimport the original image I get the following message:
'The image "filename" couldn't be inserted. This image is of an unsupported type.'
If I try and insert an image that was not in the document before, in the same file format, it goes in fine.
If I insert the original image into a blank Pages document it goes in no problem.
I would also like to point out that the data folder still contains lots of versions of images in the document, but does not seem to have any of the ones I am actually using, which I guess is where the problem is. However I have no idea how or why these specific images have been deleted.
Any light on how this problem has come about, and the best possible way to fix it would be greatly appreciated.


I have Pages v5.2.2 on OS X 10.9.4. I can not reproduce your stated issues with images in this version of Pages. I don't have a solution for you. See my test in the third paragraph. If I were experiencing this behavior, I would perform a Safe Boot to clear out System caches, and try again, before kicking Pages v5+ to the curb.
The Safe Boot would be pressing and holding the shift key at boot chime, and until a horizontal progress bar shows on the screen. At the eventual login screen, after you type your password — press and hold the shift key — press the right arrow to login, and release the shift key after the Finder menu bar appears. Then reboot normally.
I have created a new document. Dragged and dropped an image into it and saved. Exited Pages. Reopening worked fine. Deleted the image, and proceeded through the following steps, punctuated by save, exit, reopen, and deliberate image removal. Different .jpg image each time. About mid-way through the following item list, I rebooted the MBA just to throw some "spin" into the process. I did not perform a Safe Boot prior to this series of tests.
Toolbar > Media insert
Insert > Choose jpg into document
Text Box image fill
Shape image fill