SOM cartridge in O2A

This is regarding CommunicationsProvisioningOrderFulfilmentPIP in O2A.
1. In this cartridge, there is a function called GetCommunicationsServiceConfigurationDetails. This function is targeted to local instances of OSM. I cannot understand the exact use of this function. Already there is a provision function which is targeted to local OSM instances. Can anyone please explain the exact use of this function? Also, name suggests that it is for getting service config details? Is it that it is for getting details from some inventory system like UIM?
2. Also, what exactly are the advantages of having this cartridge and orchestration at SOM level. Few things mentioned are: XML transformation and communication back to COM. Is there any other advantage that I am missing?


Cartridges in Endeca are prebuilt and modular components that pull in content and data (Videos, reviews, Analytics,...) from the Endeca engine and external system. Cartridges do expose Endeca features (guided navigation, search, spotlights).
In the Endeca package (application and SDK) you will find at the moment 22 cartridges OOTB.
A technical team can create custom cartridges if needed.
In the Experience Manager you can use cartridges to configure pages.
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