[Solved] How do i Delete particular Dmenu(Yeganesh) suggestions

I'm running xmonad with dmenu as a program launcher with yeganesh.
When you type something into dmenu that it has no suggestions for, and press enter, it saves that command for next time so that when you re-enter that phrase it picks that one and attempts to run it.
So suppose i typed in personalbrain and entered. Then dmenu saves that, and whever i start to type personalbrain, that comes up as my first option. I press enter, and it runs that.
Now suppose i have a new command i would like dmenu to remember. The new command is brain. When i type brain, personalbrain comes up as my only option. So i cannot enter the brain command without dmenu assuming i want to run personalbrain
Is that clear? If not ill try and rephrase.
Anyways, i want to get rid of this personalbrain suggestion and replace it with brain. Or just be able to add a new suggestion to dmenu without it assuming i want to run personalbrain.
Thank you!
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It's an environment variable for a path.  It's usually set to ~/.local/share and can be checked with `echo $XDG_DATA_HOME`.
As a warning, arch is not a "hand-holding distro" and you should be able to do your own searches to find such things.  I had never heard of yeganesh, but was able to find the first answer quickly, but this second question is even simpler.
Not knowing is fine; but not trying to learn on your own before asking will not be well received on these forums.
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