[Solved] Children-friendly interface for MP3 library ?

Hi there,
this is not really a problem posting but more a usage question.
My little-one (8 years old) likes to listen to audio plays a lot. Since I have stored nearly all of them on my PC as MP3 files and burning them as audio CDs is both a waste of CD-Rs as well as quite time intense I have come to the conclusion that a PC-based "MP3 station" for her might be the best approach for both giving her the option to listen to all her audio plays as well as saving dad from burning tons of MP3 files to CD-R
Similar to my music the audio plays are organized a folder structure like this:
Audioplay series -> episode
The audioplay itself consists either of one ore multiple MP3 files plus a playlist.m3u in each folder.
I am looking for some sort of fullscreen player which provides a similar library view like the video part of XBMC does. Something which simply allows to hop up and down through the folders of the MP3 audioplay library an only lists the M3U and MP3 files.
Since I mostly used SMPlayer, VLC and XMBC for my playbacks I have no experiences with other players.
Is there a media-player which is more geared towards such purposes ? May be Amarok ? I am also not shure how players similar to Songbird (which is Windows / Mac-only) fit into the equation.
Another possible problem: Some of those files might not have valid ID3 tags since I recorded a lot of old audioplays from tape. So relying on ID3 tags for playback is not very solid.
My little-one is well able to maneuver with a file manager but a simplified interface would be nice. Think about DAF rather than WAF
(DAF = daughter acceptance factor).
Thanks for any input !
P.S.: I am skilled enough to hack together some scripts if required and do not really rely on ready-to-use tools. So if anyone has a different idea how (e.g. having multiple website with links to each of the M3U files) I would be more than happy to hear them.
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Just throwing this out there, but Banshee/Exaile looks kinda like iTunes on windows, and SongBird for gnome looks a lot like iTunes for windows. For KDE amarok was really well laid out with lots of features, kinda reminded me of a supped up windows media player. and XMMs reminded me a lot of winamp. These of course are with the basic layouts.
They most likely offer good skins on their websites Also really like their lyrics plugin so you can view the lyrics while you listen to the song.
Another cool one to check out would be googles music player:
More available in wikki
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Co … io_players
Just my thoughts