Solaris 10 svcadmin maintenance mode (tftp)

For some reason my tftp service is not starting, in the logs it complains of "proto":
[ID 702911 daemon.error] Property 'proto' of instance svc:/network/tftp/udp6:default is missing, inconsistent or invalid
Jul 19 13:24:32 localhost inetd[225]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] Invalid configuration for instance svc:/network/tftp/udp6:default, placing in maintenance
Has anyone else seen this? I can't figure it out.
#: svcs -x network/tftp/udp6
svc:/network/tftp/udp6:default (tftp)
State: maintenance since Tue Jul 19 13:24:32 2005
Reason: Restarter svc:/network/inetd:default gave no explanation.
Impact: This service is not running.
#: svcs -l network/tftp/udp6
fmri svc:/network/tftp/udp6:default
name tftp
enabled true
state maintenance
next_state none
state_time Tue Jul 19 13:24:32 2005
restarter svc:/network/inetd:default


I found the problem, in my nsswitch.conf I had
services ldap
So it was looking at my ldap server to get the services, kinda neat that you can do that - but I couldn't really think of a reason why I would want my services in ldap.