Social app refuses to launch

The social app in my nokia asha 202 refuses to launch. Each time I try it responds " invalid application - delete? ". Pls how do I restore it ?


Have you checked if there is an update for the social app on your phone or available software update for your device? If not then visit the link​e/belle-asha-symbian-software-update/  and check the instructions for updating the application or software of the phone. Before doing so, take a back up first of the files from your phone to your PC using Nokia Suite to avoid data loss. 
If there is no update, you may re-install the software of the device by the following instructions below: 
Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable and launch Nokia Suite.
Once your phone is already recognised by Nokia Suite, click on Tools tab.
Select Software Update then look for the "reinstall" button. 

Mail app refuses to launch

I am getting an error when trying to launch mail app. I recentley had to reinstal my computer and I chosen migrate assistance to recover my settings and such but now the only issue I have is mail won't launch Process:         Mail [4361] Path:       

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I've bought a new Asha 303 about 2 month ago and started working with it but there's a problem. There is no Social app in Apps and games and there's no widget for it(there must be one according to userguide and specifications). I've restored it 2 tim

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V20 app crashes on launch, log provided

Our app crashes on launch and was fixed by re-downloaded app. Here is the log: Sep 21 09:11:38 iPad-2 kernel[0] <Debug>: launchd[368] Builtin profile: container (sandbox) Sep 21 09:11:38 iPad-2 kernel[0] <Debug>: launchd[368] Container: /priva

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How to remove Asha 303 Social app

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can i set apps to always launch in ful screen (like Safari)Welcome to Apple Support Communities Open System Preferences > General and deactivate Close windows when quitting an application. The programs must be in full-screen when you close the progra

Social App Problem

Hi, I had a N8 phone. The problem is that the Facebook Social App doesn't show the news or updates of my friends and sent the following legend "Unable to Retrieve link element," please help, thanks. Nokia N8Hello Mario_Alberto, if you are Facebo

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Gents and Ladies, Is it just me or is the quality of the pictures I upload through the Social app low? It seems as the Social App first resizes the picture and afterwards Facebook resizes the picture looks **bleep** on my Facebook page.

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