Sleep/wake - shutdown on new iMac 10.9

I use sleep from Apple pulldown  menu; after a while the computer wakes up, after a few minutes it shuts down.  New iMac, 10.9.  Help!


The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.
If you bought the product in the U.S. directly from Apple (not from a reseller), you have 14 days from the date of delivery in which to exchange or return it for a refund. In other countries, the return policy may be different. If you bought from a reseller, its return policy applies.

My brand new iMac loses its WiFi connection when it goes to sleep, does anyone have a proven fix?.

I have a MacBook that is about 4 years old and a brand new iMac both are running the most up to date version of Lion.  My old MacBook has no issues; however, my iMac loses its WiFi connection every time it goes to sleep.  There are some discussions a

Problems with my new iPhone 5 (sleep/wake button)

Hi guys, I bought my iPhone 5 about 3 weeks ago but unfortunately I am having problems that I was not expecting from apple. My sleep/wake button sometimes works perfectly and sometimes I need to press the button 10 times to work. I called apple suppo

LED light 7 on start up, sleep, wake from sleep and shutdown

Hi, My Quad LED 7 turns on and flashes when I start the computer, when I put it to sleep, wake up from sleep and also flashes at shut down. Is this normal? This is a brand new Quad 2.5 and I am very concerned that this may be a bad sign. So please ad

Why is my new iMac taking longer to sleep than it did initially?

My new iMac came loaded with Snow Leopard (I bought a leftover with 10.6.8) and initially when I clicked on Sleep the computer did so within 4 seconds.  Now it is taking about 5 times longer.  I checked to see if Time Machine was running but it wasn'

Why does my new iMac keep freezing for no apparent reason?

Why does my new iMac keep freezing? This usually happens when it is not being used and is particularly frustrating when I do need to use it and ahve to switch off and then on again and wait for it to reboot. I am not computer literate so keep any ans

Brand new iMac 27" i3 is flashing blue screen

My brand new Imac (one-day old) is acting very odd as it slowly flashes a pulsating light blue screen when I try to access Apple Menu (restart/sleep/shutdown) features. No matter what I do it will not turn off. I have since had to do a hard shutdown

Photoshop CC 2014 crashes on new iMac 5K Retina on startup. "Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 quit unexpectedly"

I have just bought a new iMac 5k Retina. I have installed Photoshop CC 2014, Lightroom and Bridge.  Both Lightroom and Bridge work Ok.  However Photoshop crashes when trying to start it. I have copied in the log file below Process:               Adob

Stuck sleep/wake button

Hi everyone. I have an iPod for almost 6 months and in its second month I cracked its screen. But it was a really small crack, it didn't even bother me in. It was only there on the right bottom side and I was happy with it. Last week when I was chang

Brand new iMac 21", freeze. Mouse movies, but does nothing

We just opened a brand new iMac 21" literally yesterday (purchased within the last three weeks). It was on for about an hour with no problems whatsoever. Then, while transferring photos to iPhoto, the system interface randomly froze. You can move the

First off i live in Mexico, my sleep/wake button is unresponsive

My sleep/wake button is unresponsive, It has been through the usual wear and tear, but I was forced to press it on the far left side of the button, i have read that they immediately change the phone, but that is on the apple retail stores in the US,

Sleep wake failure experienced a problem

I am experiencing random (and quite frequent) restarts with my 5k iMac. This is the error message I get: This problem seems to have started after I recently connected two LaCie thunderbolt 2 external backup drives. Prior to that I was using a LaCie B

I have an iphone 3gs in which sleep/wake button not working. i have got stuckn  in an apple logo in my phone screen. is there any software or any solution to turn on or restore my phone??

i have an iphone 3gs in which sleep/wake button not working. i have got stuckn  in an apple logo in my phone screen. is there any software or any solution to turn on or restore my phone?? Please help...and thaks in advanceThe Basic Troubleshooting St

I am gifting my iMac to my niece and need to wipe the disc for her use.  I have an external backup and also (smile) a brand new iMac I'll need to set up.What is the "best" process for ensuring the safety of my information as well as providing a "new" comp

Gang, I've just purchased a new iMac for myslef and am gifting my "old" iMac to Niece.  Original iMac has Snow Leopard upgrade (came with Leopard) as well as Word for Mac -student addition.  I also have an external backup drive and use Time Mach

HT4718 New iMac (March 2013) has no recovery partition ?

Hallo, i contacted Apple support because of a problem with an external USB 3.0 hdd after sleep mode. In some cases the external hdd will not be recognized after sleep mode by Mac OS 10.8.5. For checking something the Apple engineer said i should rebo

New iMac restarts before it gets to desk top

i got the new imac recently and it has been perfect until a couple days ago. the last thing i used it for was to watch babel and i used the remote to put it to sleep. when i tried to turn it on it kept restarting and just going to the apple with the

IPhoto won't work, new iMac

Hello, I recently purchased a new iMac (late 2012), and had all of my photos moved over from my old MacBook. I had a problem where iPhoto wouldn't import photos and instead would crash whenever an import was attempted. After moving all of my folders,

Sleep/wake button works, but not when iPhone is asleep

I just upgraded from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5. When my phone is asleep the top wake/sleep button is unresponsive. The home button will wake the phone up, and once it's awake I can use the top button to wake/sleep the phone. But if I sleep the phon

Tip: How I got my mini 2011 to sleep/wake !

I have a new Mini Server 20011 (Lion) for two weeks now (not used as a server). It wouldn't sleep nor wake, right from the first start-up. After going through all the discussions on this issue for several evenings, today I stumbled upon a solution th

IPad mini won't sleep/wake

Brand new iPad mini. The sleep/wake function does not work.  Not the button the gestures or the Smart Cover make the machine sleep.  The machine does however switch off.  So the button does work and the Smart Cover does work.  I have bizarrely been a