Simultaneous notifications of the same order with the CO11N

Hello PP Team
I have a problem
Notifying with the transaction CO11N, exists the possibility that from several working places is notifying at the same time the same production order.
What happens with SAP's standard is that it they appears a mistake: " The order the XXXXXXXXX is being treated by the user the XXXXXX "
There exists some way of being able to use in the CO11N the same production order from different users and different PCs?
Thanks in advance


Thanks 4 your answer, but it isn't OK for me.
For example...
We have a production order n."12345678"
It is a long chain of production, in which some pieces, for example, finish of a so called work center "X".
These pieces enter a work center "Y". In this work center, the process is low in time that in the work center X, for what while the operation 10 is confirming, in another working place "Y", the operation 20 is confirming too.
There are 2 different computers, with tcode CO11N opened, and the problem is what i said before... using the same production order, in work center "Y" appears the error message: "The order 12345678 is being treated by USER123"
I know that It is SAP's standard rule... but how can i change it?
Any idea?
Thanks in advance!