Simultaneous Export and Import

I would like to know a way wherein I can kick off the export and then simultaneously read the export dmp file and start importing.
I am using source database Solaris and
target databse 64bit Linux 4AS X86_64.
I tried using pipe for export and started export.
Same time, I used another pipe to read from that file and import it in another database.
Problem is since new database is on a faster server, import reaches the end of file much faster than the export. And gives an error,
"IMP-00009: abnormal end of export file
Import terminated successfully with warnings."
Can anybody guide me on how can I make the pipe wait and make it understand that export is not yet over?
Thanks in advance


What's the command and parameter you used?
You could try
##create the two pipe
mknod exp_pipe p
mknod imp_pipe p
##start import
imp system/[email protected] file=imp_pipe log=imp_pipe.log ...
##start export
exp userid=scott/tiger file=exp_pipe ..
##connect the pipe
cat <exp_pipe | cat >imp_pipe