Simple question: No of concurrent users

How many concurrent web based users can oracle 8i/9i personal and standard edition support?


I believe that all depends on the hardware resources you have available. I don't know any 'real' limits on the number of concurrent users. If you are asking from a licensing perspective, that all depends on the kind of license you purchase

A quick question about WebDynpro SLD and R/3 with concurrent users

Hello , I have a very quick question about Webdynpros and SLD connecting to an R/3 system, when you configure a webdynpro to connect to an R/3 system using SLD, you configure a user name and password from the R/3  for the SLD to use. What I would lik

Concurrent user license question

I currently have the 10-client license for OS X Server 10.4.7 I have 3 users in the office and another 9 sales reps not in this office who only need occasional FTP access. Does a user connected via FTP count as 1 of the client licenses? In other word

A simple question: Using the user-folders differently

Hello, I'm still getting started with my mac, that's why I have a pretty basic question: There are these user-folders on every mac: Documents, Music, Pictures etc. But since I sort my photos and videos by date, I often have pictures and videos in one

Pro Tools convert to Logic Newbie some simple question for logic users

Hey guys, I am a recent convert from Pro Tools! and There were just some simple questions I thought some of you may be able to help me out with. I am using Logic 9.1.1 1) After I set up a multi timbral software instrument (in this case MOTU Symphonic

Concurrent User Limitation

Hi, Understand that VS Studio 2008's CR with a limitation of 3 concurrent user access, am I right? How about if I upgrade to CR XI Developer Edition, Is there any concurrent user access limitation? by using CR Developer XI edition with VS studio 2008

Javac : command not found ?? A simple question.

Hello. I need to somehow tell linux where to find javac so that I don't need to type in /usr/local/jdk1.4/javac every time I need to run javac. I have seen how to do this in windows but I don't know how to do it in Linux I know it'

Jbutton to open a htm file in browser - simple question

not sure where to look for this, but its a simple question I just want to get a jbutton (from a jFrame)to open a local htm page eg: When pressing the button open: C:\Documents and Settings\****\My Documents\profile.htm - Open this with any browser an

Simple question - minimize application

I have a simple question to nokia developers. Why I cannot minimize most of my applications in Nokia Asha 302? In Nokia E50 I could. Why are you going backwards in usefulness of your software?It is not going backward. Asha series is based on s40 OS w

Simple question - Playback on Cam

hi everyone! A simple question if someone could help me out: I'd like to view the playback of edited footage from PPro on my Camera's LCD (then onto a TV...). When i go to the playback settings and click export there aint no camera there. I have no p

Simple question: Are Creative Cloud apps currently or will be compatible with the new Amazon Fire phone?

Simple question: Are Creative Cloud apps currently or will be compatible with the new Amazon Fire phone? My friend owns one and says since it's a fairly new operating system that nothing is compatible except the Amazon apps. Is this correct and does

Methods//simple question

I need to add a method text ValueChanged to my program and am not sure how can anyone help me with this simple question?Can you be a little more specific? Do you not know how to write a method or do you need to know how to be notified when something

Find the number of concurrent users in system at a given time

Hi All, We have the ECC system in which we need to set up monitoring alert which should tell the following things. 1.The  number of concurrent users looged  currently in the system. 2. List of  transaction per hour or user activites with the counts I

TMG Standalone Array simple question

hi everyone i have what i think is a simple question but i don't know if i'm missing something in all the tutorials about standalone arrays i've read. i'm working with 2 tmg enterprise editions in 2008R2 in a test environment. both are on sp2 fully u

Error with concurrent users- Activation Passivation Bind variable ?

I have a programmatic view object based on procedure call that returns a ref cursor. Application Module has a function that exposes get Method for this View object using client interface. Everything works good until many users call the same Method ,f

Concurrent users problem in portal components.

Hi we are implementing portal components based projects to an customer. we are using RFC connections to fetch data from R/3. All users mapped to a service user , through which we are connecting to the backend when we are testing concurrently any port

Charging 4th Generation Nano - simple question I htink

Is it possible to, using the USB connection, charge my nano on any computer ie one that doesn't have iTunes as a programme? Going to be travelling and not able to take laptop First using Nano and getting used to it - simple question I know Cheers and

Live stream on FMS issues when reaching 1600 concurrent users

Hey all, We have an FMS 4.5.2 installation with 1x Origin and 2x Edge setup only for Live streaming. We are using FMLE latest version to stream to the Origin server and Edge servers are connecting to the Origin server. We are running four application

A simple question on random number generation?

Hi, This is a rather simple question and shows my newbieness quite blatantly! I'm trying to generate a random number in a part of a test I have. So, I have a little method which looks like this: public int getRandomNumber(int number){         Random

Package : Simple question

Hi, A really simple question : how can i get a list of all the fonction an procedure of a package (just the name, not the the package source). DB -> 8.1.7 / openVMS Thanks... Albanyou can query the tables USER_METHOD_PARAMS USER_METHOD_RESULTS USER_A