Signed Applet not loading.

Hi all, Im currently using an applet that is signed. It works on java 1.4 but not on 1.6. Im not sure on hwo to make it work with 1.6 i tried the java control panel stuffs and the clearing my browser history stuffs too.
I get this error from the console.
Security manager class: sun.plugin2.applet.Applet2SecurityManager
Exception in thread "Thread-29" access denied ( C:\My Documents read)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(Unknown Source)
     at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkRead(Unknown Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at Source)
     at javax.swing.filechooser.FileSystemView.getDefaultDirectory(Unknown Source)
     at javax.swing.JFileChooser.setCurrentDirectory(Unknown Source)
     at javax.swing.JFileChooser.<init>(Unknown Source)
     at javax.swing.JFileChooser.<init>(Unknown Source)
     at com.sdrc._metaphase.wcc.osservices.OSSFileChooserDialog.createGUI(
     at com.sdrc._metaphase.wcc.osservices.OSSFileChooserDialog.init(
     at com.sdrc._metaphase.wcc.dmapplets.DMFileChooserApplet$DMFileChooserAppletRunnable.doRun(
     at Source)
Please let me know on how to rectify this problem. Thanks,


I am experiencing the same problem - I notice it does not happen on OS9.2 using IE but appears a problem on all browsers on OSX
Apple gave me the following reply.....
Re: Bug ID# 3268633: cannot load applet class under https connection
Hello Andrew,
Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We have received feedback
from engineering on your
reported issue.
Please know that to get Java to recognize the certificate you will need to do
one of two things, depending
on which VM you are using. Since you want it to work with Internet Explorer, we
will assume Java 1.3.1.
In Java 1.3.1 you'll need to add the certificate to
/Library/Java/Home/lib/security/cacerts using
/usr/bin/keytool to import the certificate into the certificate database.
In Java 1.4.1 you should be able to just add the certificate to the keychain
using certtool. For more
details on how to do this, please refer to the information found at
<>. After
doing so, if you should require
further help from Apple in resolving this issue, we recommend that you request
assistance from Developer
Technical Support. This must be done by filing a Technical Support Incident.
So I am supposed to tell every Mac user to do the above am I?!!!

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