Shuffle 2nd Gen Reset Utility issues?

I have a second generation iPod shuffle that I haven't used in years and when I go to plug it in, iTunes tells me I need to do some iPod Reset Utility, then I click More Information and it directs me to this page:
About iPod Reset Utility
When I click the link to download the necessary software
"We're sorry. (404)"
Where can I go to get the reset utility set up download?


Hi xBlaine,
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I understand that when you connect your iPod shuffle (2nd generation) to your computer you are prompted to run the Reset Utility but the link is no longer active. What I would suggest in this situation would be the steps located in the attached article. The article outlines how to reset, restart, reinstall, and restore the iPod.
Apple - Support - iPod - iPod shuffle (2nd generation) Troubleshooting
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