Show input after selecting date in datepicker

I'm using apex 4.1.1
And i want to use a Date Picker item on my page. This works, but.. When a user selects a date you can see the date highlighted. But in the "textarea"corresponding tot the datepicker is not showing the date. This shows the date after clicking the close button.
I would like to show the date directly after selecting a new date. Does anyone know how?


I am having the same issue - and wondering if this is a bug, or the functionality that we expect is not possible?
It seems that when using a date picker field (in our case, for a field that requires a timestamp), when you click on a day in the calendar, the chosen date is not reflected in the field until the user clicks the 'close' button.
I would expect this to be how it SHOULD work - the user chooses a date and time from the picker popup, and it is instantly reflected in the value displayed in the field. Then the user can click 'close'.
Alternatively, if this is expected behaviour, then maybe the button should be renamed to something like 'select' which would be more appropriate and infer that the date will now be updated in the field.