Should I run ATV digital signal through Pioneer elite tuner DAC

I currently have
2 ATV-2
2 Airport Exresses
1 SC27 Pioneer Eite AV Tuner (with a really nice DAC and fiber inputs) this is mainly dedicated to my Home theater but has 2 additional zones
1 Denon 5.1 tuner with fiber inputs ( this is curently powering the 4 ceiling speakers but may be repurposed for another area)
1 Marantz analog amp (5004) that I would like to use to power the in ceiling speakers from either an ATV or AE.
1. Should I run the AE directly to the Marantz using the AE DAC?
2. Should I run the AE digital through the Pioneer DAC and then analog to the Marantz?
3. Should I hook up the ATV Digital to the Pioneer DAC and then Analog to the Marants?
4. Should I hook up all and switch back and forth to find the best fit, think I have enough cables for that.


ScooterB -
NTSC (Analog TV) ended in the USA/Canada in 2009.
Over The Air (OTA) Television uses ATSC (Digital TV)
Cable Systems (CATV) often use QAM, or other digital modulations.
Satellite TV uses other methods, BUT may provide Composite Video (Yellow RCA/S-Video) connector OR an old-style RF modulator for NTSC (channel 3/4).
Interconnects vary depending on your Service Provider and the TV Card in your computer.
HP Pavilion mMedia Center TV m7664x Desktop PC Support
Your HP computer case (Code Name: Grand Canyon) is designed for microATX motherboards.
HP used the Hauppauge Computer Works internal WinTV cards, in this time period.
SOME of these OEM cards, such as the HVR-1260 model, were specially built for HP.
In looking at the Windows XP Drivers, for this computer, it shipped in Fall 2006 with:
1.) Conexant Falcon II TV tuner solution OR
2.) Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II 23xxx, 25xxx and 26xxx TV tuner solutions.
Open up your computer -- the TV Tuner is an ADD-IN Expansion Card.
You can contact Hauppage for additional support information.
Hauppage Computer Works -- WinTV products
Ceton Infinitv products