Shading and Digitizing Sketches \ Drawings

Does anyone know of any tutorials that explains two things:
a) How to paint digitally in Photoshop and how to converted drawings digitally and paint them ?
b) Tutorial or even a book but a tutorial would be prefered, on coloring and adding shadows to your drawings
I have done my own searching and there are as one knows lots of tutorials out there. I'm hoping someone has experience with a tutorial that have helped them go from lost in the dark to successful in both of the things mentioned.


It depends on what sort of style you want to do amoungst other things as weather or not to use Photoshop or Painter. I know loads of industry veterians and myself that actually use both. Photoshop is capible of doing alot of what Painter does, but doesn't come with the stuff by default, it just requires a bunch of free downloads from Google.
For making traditional pencil drawings into digital drawings, this tutorial is good. It also involves painter, but also shows how to do it in photoshop, but the part it talks about there isn't important anyway.
If you have a graphics tablet, you can draw directly to the computer, and depending on what you want, Photoshop or Painter can be better or worse. This is by the same artist with Photoshop only: