Setup router with switch

 Need some expert advice want to add a Linksys router for wireless access to a 3Com switch. model 3CGSU08A
I have two choices for routers E2000 and a WRT54GL which one would be best and how to setup?
Thanks in advance.


Hi there. Your 3com is just a plain switch or is it a modem (provided by ISP)? The reason why I asked is because a switch is a plain or passthrough only means your ip address will be one and will not  be utilized if you are going to connect a wireless router to it. You have to have an internet modem with active internet connection so that you can a wireless access there using a wireless router. Between the two routers? I suggest you go for the E2000 because it is wireless N and can provide a wide range for signal and most devices right now for wireless is N capable so go for E2000. I have links below which you can refer to about E2000 as well as Cascading of routers.
Getting to know the Linksys E2000
Cascading (Connecting) a Linksys router to another router