Setting data values on insert with a form

I have a form I am using to insert records into a table, and I want to be able to set the value for a certain column ( in this case status) to be dependent on the a value that another column is set to. The specific case here is I have an application users table so if I get a request for a user asking for lookup privilege I want to status field to be set to approved other requests should have status set to pending.
I have tried adding a process and doing an update to the status based on the value of the role, but it seems that the role is null when it gets to the process. I am merely referencing the column of the form. In this case :P7_ROLE.
Any help would be appreciated.


For anyone who looked at this, I found my problem. The process I created was at the wrong sequence and was executed after the page cache was cleared.
Newbie mistake:)