Sending an e-mail from SAP to multiple e-mail IDs

I have a requirement where SAP should send e-mail to the main recipient and CC to three other recipients. The e-mail will have a PDF attachment of delivery document and the e-mail Ids are fetched from ''Storage Location'' definition maintained in customization under SPRO --> Enterprise Structure --> Definition --> Materials Management --> Maintain Storage Location. I can maintain multiple e-mail Ids here.
However, as standard, SAP will set the indicator (or I can define) to one specific e-mail ID only and will send e-mail just to that e-mail ID.The requirement is that the e-mail Id with the indicator will be the main recipient, and all other e-mail Ids should be CCed.
Can anyone advise how to go about this? Any OSS notes or any clue on ABAP devpt work please...
Many Thanks in Advance


You can have the PDFs kept in a spool. From the spool, you can send these documents through email by using the FM
You can also use the FM PLM_AUDIT_COM_SEND_PDF_AS_MAIL
to create a new FM for your purpose.
Rwd if it helps.
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