Searching Condition Types

Hello Gurus
I needed your help with the following query:
There is a requirement  to change the agent commission condition type from being Statistical. 
I checked one Pricing procedure with this condition type randomly.  I realistic that there is a chance that this same condition type may also be a part of other Pricing Procedures. 
Is there any function which can help me identify all the pricing procedures with this "Commission condition type" so that I can change the condition type in all these affected pricing procedures.  
Alternatively, I was planning to take the tedious route of manually checking each pricing procedure for this condition type.  There are more than 150 pricing procedures and it is going to be a pain searching this way. 
Thanks in advance for all your help.


Welcome to SDN forum
Go to SE16N give the table T683S and give condition type T683S - KSCHL (Condition Type) press F8 system will show all pricing
procedures in which the condition type exists,through that you can select relevant pricing procedure and change the condition
Check and revert